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90 Day Fiancé: Miona Will Regret Leaving Jibri (Here’s Why She’ll Get A Reality Check)

Miona Bell from 90 Day Fiancé may think she’s more successful than Jibri Bell. However, she may not find someone as supportive as her current husband.


  •  Miona may regret breaking up with Jibri because he supported her dreams and business, helping her achieve success.
  •  Jibri stood up for Miona against friends and family, showing his dedication and loyalty to her.
  •  Miona may regret leaving Jibri because he has the potential to become a famous musician and find someone who supports his career.

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Miona Bell may regret breaking up with her American husband, Jibri Bell. The 25-year-old Serbian entrepreneur had a romantic relationship with her beau for years. She loved him and joined him in the United States to marry him. During 90 Day Fiancé season 9, Miona had her dream wedding with Jibri and the pair seemed happy. They moved to Palm Springs to kickstart their careers and began cashing in on their reality TV fame. In mid-2022, Miona launched her ponytail extension business and became a successful entrepreneur.

Miona and Jibri achieved many milestones. Apart from owning expensive cars, they found a place of their own and made a lot of money. The two seemed like an unbreakable duo with plans and goals. However, something changed in 2023 when Jibri flew to Thailand and left Miona behind in the United States. He stopped talking about, supporting, and romanticizing her as before. Similarly, Miona deleted all of her cuddly photos with Jibri. She began posting thirst traps and acting like a single woman. Neither has confirmed their split. However, it seems that Miona has broken up with Jibri because he wasn’t as aspiring or successful as her.

Jibri Supported Her Dreams & Business

90 Day Fiancé Miona Bell with mystery boyfriend

There are a few reasons why Miona will regret breaking up with Jibri. However, the main one is her compatibility with him. Jibri was the perfect match for Miona, from fashion to style. He did things for her and dedicated his life to ensuring her success. Not only did he invite her to the United States and help her live her dream in Palm Springs, but he also supported her in her business. Over the months, Jibri assisted Miona with shipping her products. He also used his social media reach to promote her. Unfortunately, not many women get a husband as supportive as Jibri had been to Miona.

Jibri Fought With His Family & Friends For Miona

Montage of 90 Day Fiancé's Jibri Bell

Miona will also regret leaving Jibri because he didn’t hesitate to defend her in front of his family and friends. In 90 Day Fiancé season 9, Jibri’s bandmate felt Miona was causing him to slow down. However, Jibri didn’t let his friend blame his partner and fought with him. Later in the season, Jibri found out his parents wouldn’t attend his marriage ceremony due to Miona. He didn’t let them stop him from having an exciting and cinematic wedding. It would be hard for Miona to find anyone who’d go to such lengths for her.

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Jibri Has Talent To Become A Famous Musician

Montage of 90 Day Fiancé Star Miona Bell, with purple background

Miona may be able to find a good-looking partner, but she probably won’t get another Jibri. Over the years, the South Dakota man proved to be an aspiring and energetic individual with a goal-oriented mindset. While his music career hasn’t kicked off yet, he may be able to achieve success one day due to his relentless attitude toward life. Miona may eventually regret leaving Jibri if he becomes a popular singer. The 90 Day Fiancé alum may lament losing him once he finds an understanding woman who supports him in his music career and becomes his muse.

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