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90 Day Fiance: Manuel & Ashley Spark Pregnancy Rumors In Their Latest Picture!

90 Day Fiance newbies Manuel and Ashley came into the spotlight with their weird storyline. The couple got into a relationship, broke up, and got together again. He visited his American girlfriend to live with her as per the show’s format.

However, he lied to his family that he moved there to work and not for his lady love. In the show, Ashley has been having a lot of second thoughts about her partner. She wanted Manuel to be truthful to his family back in Ecuador.

Ashley wanted her partner to tell his kids about their future mother. Meanwhile, Manuel had a lot of complaints about her lifestyle. The pair had a lot of ups and downs since the star. Well, the couple is sparking pregnancy rumors now. Is she really having a baby?

90 Day Fiance: Fans Spot Ashley With A Baby Bump At A Recent Event!

Ashley and Manuel are among the newest additions to 90 Day Fiance. They turned heads for their tumultuous relationship in Season 10. Fans have been skeptical about their future due to their weird storyline. They saw several red flags in their relationship.

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Manuel has been keeping his relationship secret from his family. Also, he appeared as another green card chaser to the fans who only wanted money from her. Meanwhile, Ashley’s weird profession as a witch is a big eyebrow-raiser, too.

Plus she also wanted her partner to be friends with her dog and be kind to him. Recently, the couple sparked pregnancy rumors at the latest event. An Instagram page @90daythemelanatedway shared some unseen moments from 90 Day’s 10th-year anniversary.

The page shared multiple pictures and videos from the event. Manuel and Ashley also appeared there together. Well, 90 Day Fiance fans spotted something shocking in the latest pictures. Recently, a fan took to Reddit to share a picture of the couple.

In it, Manuel and Ashley posed in front of the black and golden backdrop of the event. The former sported a black suit on a white shirt. Meanwhile, the American star sported a golden shimmery gown for the event. The OP wrote, “Oh no, why’s she holding her belly?”

Fans started speculating that she was holding onto her baby bump in the picture. However, others just felt that she was hiding her fat belly because, as per them, the dress made her look awful. One fan wrote, “That dress gives her a terrible front butt, not flattering at all.”

90 Day Fiance: Are Ashley & Manuel Already Married?

90 Day Fiance stars Ashley and Manuel have been showcasing their turbulent relationship on the show. Fans are quite against the pair getting married by the end of the season. However, it appears that the pair may have already exchanged vows.

Also, they have been showcasing their rocky relationship these days. Recently, the entire cast came together to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary. In the clip, fans spotted Manuel and Ashley together while enjoying the event.

Fans saw the pair holding hands and having fun at the event. Now, they are speculating if they have already tied the knot. Well, there’s no confirmation from the couple till now. So we have to wait for the new episodes to unfold the mystery of their marriage.

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