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90 Day Fiancé: Liz Woods Poses With Mystery Man Amid Big Ed Split Rumors

Is 90 Day Fiancé star Liz single, divorced, or dating someone new? Big Ed Brown's partner has been spotted with a new man and no ring on her hand.


  •  Fans suspect Liz Woods may be dating someone new, as her Instagram posts suggest she’s no longer with Big Ed.
  •  Liz and Big Ed had a tumultuous relationship, breaking up multiple times, but they left 90 Day: The Last Resort on good terms.
  •  Liz’s upcoming appearance on 90 Day Diaries may reveal what happened between her and Big Ed after the show, and fans are eager to see her move on from him.

90 Day: The Last Resort fans suspect Liz Woods is dating a mystery man as rumors of her split with Big Ed Brown are showing no signs of stopping. Big Ed Brown began dating Liz in 90 Day: The Single Life season 1 following his split with Rose Vega in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4. There was a significant age gap between Big Ed and Liz, but that didn’t stop him from asking Liz out. The single mom agreed to date Big Ed. However, they broke up when the show ended. Meanwhile, Big Ed and Liz got back together only to break up 13 times more.

Big Ed and Liz left 90 Day: The Last Resort on a good note amid rumors of their August 2023 wedding, but Liz’s Instagram posts are suggesting she is no longer together with Big Ed. Liz shared a story where she posed for a sweet picture with an unknown man (as reposted by Reddit user u/strenkle.)

Liz was dressed in a referee costume while the man next to her wore a wrestler’s outfit. They had a wrestling ring printed out on a backdrop behind them with several red and black balloons framing the photo. Liz did not tag the man in the story, but the Redditor commented, “I don’t see a ring!! Are her and Ed no longer a thing? Liz’s left hand showed no sign of a ring considering she married Big Ed a few months back.

90 Day Fiancé couple Big Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods embracing and kissing each other.

Big Ed got down on one knee to propose to Liz one last time in 90 Day: The Last Resort during the commitment ceremony. “Thank you for your love to me and Ryleigh. I love you, I will move to Arkansas with you,” Liz told Big Ed before handing him an engagement ring, so they could be “forever committed.” Unfortunately for Big Ed and Liz, the speculations about a split started sometime in November 2023 when Liz posted an Instagram story of herself having a date night with someone. The person she was with wasn’t fully visible. However, they also looked nothing like Big Ed. Liz has since shared a few more similar stories about her dates without her reported husband.

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Meanwhile, Big Ed did an Instagram Live on December 16, 2023, where he addressed the rumors and claimed he was still together with Liz. Big Ed even confirmed that he married Liz earlier this year. He spoke about how he was now working in real estate in Arkansas, but Liz was never home since she was busy with work. Liz’s social media updates reveal she’s been spending time in San Diego while Big Ed is still in Arkansas. Knowing that fans have questions about her life, Liz recently announced that she’s returning to the franchise with 90 Day Diaries in January 2024 and the spin-off will reveal what happened between her and Big Ed after 90 Day: The Last Resort.

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