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90 Day Fiance: John McManus Proposes To Megan Despite Issues!

Patrick Mendes from 90 Day Fiance has always been against his brother John McManus’ new relationship. He was doubtful if his brother was really into his new partner or if it was just another fling. Plus, the TLC has been warning John to avoid pulling Megan’s daughter into the picture. He felt that the pair’s breakup in the future would affect the little girl as well. However, John has already made it clear that he couldn’t be with anyone other than Megan.

But their whirlwind romance was full of flaws from the beginning. The latter had great trust issues and gave an ultimatum to her partner about moving in with her. Initially, the newbie star also had second thoughts after she learned that her boyfriend had no plans for kids in the future. Now, it turns out that John has finally taken another step to strengthen his relationship.

90 Day Fiance: John McManus Shocks Fans With Surprise Proposal For Megan!

90 Day Fiance viewers have been eagerly waiting for the most-anticipated Tell-All proposal. Previously, Shaun Johnson announced that viewers would be able to witness the first-ever proposal on the episode. Ever since then, the viewers have been wondering about John and Megan. Recently, Megan shared how her partner has been adjusting to the new life with her and her daughter.

As per ET, she even called him “a family man at heart” for successfully pulling off the responsibilities. Shockingly, McManus and Megan also revealed that they have not been using protection and won’t mind if she ends up conceiving a baby. However, the former’s brother, Patrick, had huge doubts about his brother.

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He felt otherwise about the whole situation described by the TLC pair. Mendes continued to express that his brother doesn’t seem to be ready even to be a stepfather, let alone a real father. Later, a co-star asked John and Megan about the expected timeline for them getting engaged. The former made it clear that he wasn’t a timeline buy, but he was crazy about her.

Meanwhile, Megan insisted that the TLC star needed to propose to her within one year and a half. She only wanted the commitment and not the ceremony. McManus said, “Goddamn, give a man a break!” Moreover, 90 Day Fiance star left all the viewers on a cliffhanger after he turned around and got down on one knee. He said, “It’s right now, baby!” leaving everyone in the room surprised with his spontaneous decision.

90 Day Fiance: Why Patrick Mendes Against John’s Relationship With Megan?

90 Day Fiance stars Patrick and John are brothers and know each other well. The latter became popular for his party animal attitude and drinking habits during his debut as a supporting cast member. However, fans always loved him for his wit and personality. But Patrick has been fully against his brother’s relationship since the start. He has been trying to make him understand and reconsider his decision.

90 Day Fiance

The TLC star also admitted that he didn’t believe his brother really wanted kids in the future. Moreover, Mendes didn’t look happy in the latest teaser when his brother popped up the question.

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