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90 Day Fiancé: Is Miona Bell Pregnant After Splitting Up With Jibri?

  • Miona Bell is rumored to be pregnant as she shares a photo with her new boyfriend, Terzel Ron, on social media.
  • Miona faced backlash for moving on quickly from her relationship with Jibri Bell, but some fans see her new love as an upgrade.
  • Miona hints at starting a family with Terzel, expressing her readiness to become a mom despite not confirming a pregnancy.

90 Day Fiancé star Miona Bell is suspected to be pregnant after she shared her first official photo with her new boyfriend on social media. Miona is a 25-year-old Serbian woman introduced to reality TV viewers in 90 Day Fiancé season 9. Miona became a controversial figure when viewers accused her of blackfishing. She fought the accusations and continued telling the world her and Jibri Bell’s story on the show while slowly building her Miona Beauty business in the background. Jibri once claimed that Miona had become a millionaire thanks to her business.

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Miona’s Life Before 90 Day Fiancé

What Miona Has Revealed About Her Past Life In Serbia

Miona had proved how talented she is by launching her business in America while her season was still airing on TV. Miona’s on-screen fame and large social media following helped her market her business to the next level. Miona wasn’t a newbie when it came to the beauty industry. She was 17 years old when she started her first business from her bedroom in Serbia. She had posted a throwback photo from when she was 18 on Instagram to reveal that she had $500 in her savings which she’d put into her business at the time.

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Over the next six years, Miona amassed over a hundred clients. She didn’t reveal details of her personal life before Jibri. She’s never spoken about any ex-boyfriends and chose not to share any information about her relationships before TV. Miona’s journey began as Jibri’s fiancé and now that he’s no longer a part of her life, she’s revealing how madly in love she is with Terzel. It’s clear that Miona is planning to spend the rest of her life in the U.S. after having tasted success as an immigrant and finding love once again after a bad breakup.

Miona & Jibri’s Biggest Differences On 90 Day Fiancé

Why Miona & Jibri Couldn’t Get Along

Jibri had managed to offend Miona even before she moved to America. Miona had expected to live and get married in Los Angeles, but Jibri was out of cash and had to move into his parents’ house in Rapid City. Miona said that she didn’t want to come to America to live like a “50-year-old” and embrace a small-town life. Miona also detested Jibri’s mother, judging her for the way she dressed and what she posted on IG. Jibri’s friends thought she was the Yoko Ono in his life and Miona was well aware of it.

When Did Miona & Jibri Split?

Miona Always Wanted A “Baby”

Miona still got married to Jibri in November 2021 and the pair shortly moved to Palm Springs. They hustled hard to make money via platforms such as Cameo or Jibri selling his ripped pants from the show online. Money presumably started flowing in after Miona launched her Miona Beauty brand. Soon enough, Miona had a Porsche and seemingly bought one for Jibri on their first anniversary. However, Miona and Jibri didn’t get to celebrate their second anniversary together. Rumors of their split spread online around October 2023. By then, it could have been months since Jibri and Miona had split.

90 Day Fiancé alum Miona Bell is looking different since she reportedly split with Jibri Bell. Is Miona changing herself for her new man?

Miona and Jibri seem to have never revealed their baby plans while they were together.

In October 2022, Miona and Jibri posted about welcoming a “new baby. The baby in question was a small puppy. Jibri had posted a video about both of them going to get a pet dog from the airport. Jibri didn’t want a pet in the house, but he said that she needed “something cute and cuddly” for working so hard and had agreed.

“I don’t want a lot. I want puppy, a nice family and a nice house. That’s not a lot to ask for.”

Miona had said that everybody deserved a nice home and a nice family. They took the Pomeranian home in Miona’s new Porsche. Miona had never had a pet before. She was nervous while handling the puppy for the first time. Their “little baby” had come all the way from San Francisco to Palm Springs. “Miona’s calling herself Mommy ya’ll,” Jibri told the camera. It was “wild” for Jibri to see. When Miona asked the puppy to meet his “daddy,” Jibri joked “I’m always been daddy.

Miona Is Dating Terzel Ron

Is Miona’s New Boyfriend An “Upgrade” From Jibri?

Miona soft-launched her boyfriend in October 2023. Her new man was wooing her with long drives, roses, gifts, and meals at fancy restaurants, according to her cryptic Instagram Stories. Miona couldn’t resist showing off her new love to fans even though she tried her best to conceal his identity. Still, Terzel’s romantic comments on Miona’s posts didn’t go unnoticed. Fans connected the dots and exposed him before Miona made her relationship Instagram official in May 2024. Miona and Terzel held the same puppy that she’d picked up with Jibri in 2022 in her first photo with her new boyfriend.

Miona Wants To Have A Family With Boyfriend

Miona Is Ready To Have A Baby

Miona 90 Day Fiance on Instagram talking about being a mom

Later that month, Miona hinted at a possible pregnancy while answering questions sent in by her followers. One of the questions was about what Miona liked the most about Palm Springs. She replied that she liked the weather and the mid-century modern architecture. Miona loved that she could spend time swimming all year round and had unlimited access to pools. She noted that Palm Springs was “clean, safe and gushed about meeting successful local people who could give her good advice. However, Miona’s next statement suggested she was soon starting a family.

“I think it’s a great place to raise a family too.”

Miona didn’t confirm if she was expecting a baby at the moment. Interestingly, her response to a different question suggests she’s heading in that direction. “Do you want kids?” was one of the questions Miona answered in her Q&A. She told the fan “Yes!!” and wrote that she feels “more and more ready” to be a mom every day. Fans suspect Miona is looking to settle down after finding a good life partner like Terzel and achieving great success in her business.

What’s Next For Miona On 90 Day Fiancé?

Will Miona Return To The 90 Day Fiancé Franchise Without Jibri?

Jibri didn’t seem to be too serious about parenting, whether it was looking after a pet or having a baby. It is still unclear why they split, but the reason could have something to do with Miona wanting a family. It was rumored that Miona and Jibri were heading to 90 Day: The Last Resort after their suspected split. With Jibri completely out of the way, Miona might just make a comeback on Happily Ever After? with her new man or choose to keep her new life completely away from the 90 Day Fiancé cameras to enjoy her privacy.

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