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90 Day Fiance: Fans Accuse Jasmine & TLC Of Faking A Scene From Tell All!

90 Day Fiance star Jasmine’s love life is filled with drama, chaos, and controversies. She isn’t ever able to settle down with Gino in peace, and they constantly butt heads on the screen. Though this couple has walked down the aisle, it appears that these two aren’t two peas in a pod.

Amid all this, viewers were shocked when they saw Jasmine coming up with a random letter. She read it out loud and further accused Gino of several things. But it appears that fans aren’t able to buy Pineda’s so-called scene of the letter and slammed the celeb and the network for faking it!

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Reveals A Strange Letter Proving Gino Cheated!

The Tell All episode recently dropped another part, which clearly changed the air between Jasmine and Gino’s relationship. Apparently, they were already dealing with issues that were further added up because of a random letter. It all started when Pineda came up with a letter after the entire 90 Day Fiance cast was on a break.

Jasmine claimed that someone left this letter on her and Gino’s doorstep. She then read it out, and the cast wasn’t able to believe it. Pineda stated that it was from a woman with whom her husband had some secret time without her knowledge. The celeb continued, “Gino and I had so much fun at the bachelor party.”

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90 day fiance

The letter then mentioned the mysterious “lipgloss” that Jasmine found in Gino’s car. The anonymous woman who wrote the letter said that the lipgloss was hers and asked the 90 Day Fiance star to keep it. She then makes a sarcastic comment, “But it won’t look as good on you as it does on me.” But that’s not all!

Jasmine read, “Here are my panties that he took off that night.” The woman behind the letter teased her and said that she was leaving the rest for Pineda’s “imagination.” The Panama native then took out a pair of black underwear from the envelope and showed it to everyone!

90 Day Fiance: Fans Think Jasmine Is Faking The Entire Matter

90 Day Fiance star Gino was in disbelief and denied all the claims that Jasmine was making. He wondered if this was a random fan who ended up dropping this in front of their house. The celeb tried to explain that he never spent any “secret” time with anyone other than his wife. While Jasmine doesn’t buy any of Gino’s explanation, the majority of the viewers believe that the entire matter is scripted.

90 day fiance

Several viewers took this matter to X (formerly Twitter) and slammed Jasmine. A fan even wondered if the latter was the one who wrote this letter just to add spice to the dynamics. Someone further agreed and stated that TLC would have helped her create the entire scenario upfront and create controversy out of this mere letter. This isn’t the first time the audience has slammed TLC for scripting storylines.

A user wrote, “TLC CMON, this is SO STAGED.” They further asked the network to come up with something new as they believed that the “lipgloss” stuff was a “plant of the producers. Moreover, many fans claimed that Jasmine was the one who placed the lipgloss in the car. That is why most of the audience isn’t ready to take this at all

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