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90 Day Fiance: Debbie Aguero Is Looking For A New Beau On TLC’s Upcoming Show

90 Day Fiance introduced several couples to date on the various spinoffs and seasons. However, only some couples made it to the aisle. Debbie and Oussama were amongst the ones who failed to reach their destination.

They appeared as one of the most anticipated pairs of the series due to their huge age difference of 24 years. Debbie Aguero happily packed her life in America to move to Morocco with her partner. Later she left the relationship after finding that Oussama was a green card chaser.

Debbie boldly faced the heartbreak and her son Julian helped her immensely to come out of Oussama’s trap. Now it turns out that Debbie has become an expert at spotting red flags in men after dating Oussama!

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Spotted Many Red Flags While Trying To Date Again!

Debbie Aguero came into the limelight with her appearance on the 90 Day Fiance franchise. She dated the Moroccan star, Oussama, despite the huge age difference between them. However, their journey was short-lived due to Oussama’s bad intentions.

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Finally, Debbie found that her partner was more interested in the green card than her. She broke up with him and moved back to America to lead a single life. However, she became a popular TLC star with her impressive personality.

Aguero returned to the screens once again with The Single Life Season 4. Fans have been waiting eagerly for Debbie to find love again after her split with Oussama. Recently, Access Hollywood released a new sneak peek of Debbie’s new journey.

In the clip, she dressed up in a pink frilled outfit while attending a singles’ event. The TLC star walked up to a man named Gabriel and introduced herself to him. They danced together and hit it off. The man praised the American star’s dancing skills and said, “We’re gonna shake and bake this place. “

However, Debbie lost all the interest once she caught the man stealing a glance at another woman. She went back to her friends, and they asked her if she had his number. The TLC star claimed that she liked the man, but she caught his eye wandering at other hot and young women.

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Doesn’t Want To Go Down The Same Road Again!

Debbie Aguero had a sad journey during her previous appearance on the show. She was devastated to find that Oussama wasn’t completely in love with him. She found out that he was trapping her for the green card.

The 90 Day Fiance star returned to the franchise again to give love another chance. But Aguero has been taking extra precautions before entering the dating game once again.

She made it clear to her fiance that a man would permanently mark him off from her life if she saw him looking or touching another chick. The TLC star noted that she doesn’t want to go through the same phase again in meeting men with wandering eyes.

Now fans are waiting eagerly to see Debbie find the love of her life again.

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