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90 Day Fiance: Dark Reason Behind Sophie’s Mom’s Arrest Revealed! [Shocking Report]

90 Day Fiance stars Sophie and Rob have been in the headlines because of a leaked video of their argument. The former’s mother circulated the clips and ended up behind bars. Viewers initially felt that this was the reason behind her arrest. However, they weren’t aware that there was a lot more to the story. 

One of Rob’s friends recently ended up spilling the tea. He revealed the real reason behind Claire’s arrest, and viewers are still in disbelief. What is the reason? Why did Sophie call the cops on her mother?

90 Day Fiance: Rob’s Friend Spills The Tea About Claire’s Arrest

90 Day Fiance star Claire’s mugshot has been surfacing on the internet since she was booked into Williamson County Jail on Thursday. Several reports confirmed that her bond was set to be $5,000 while she was still in custody. But viewers weren’t able to believe their eyes when some screenshots of Claire and Sophie’s chat went viral.

Some sources claim that Sophie allegedly involved the police because she was fearful of her as well as her mother’s life. This is because Claire has threatened first to kill her own daughter and then herself. One of Rob’s friends, Tor’i, shared screenshots of the mother-daughter duo having a conversation on WhatsApp. It featured Claire clearly abusing and threatening her daughter.

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In the screenshots, Claire called Sophie a “dirty nasty slow little front.” She even warned that she would take an Uber to the latter’s house and would  “slick your f****** throat.” The matriarch then ended her conversation by asking her daughter to  “f*** off.” Tor’i further gave a shocking update about Sophie and Rob’s relationship.

Tor’i claimed that Rob wasn’t even in the same place as Sophie and Claire. Rob’s friend further revealed that these videos were 2 years old when the star was upset with his partner for not picking up his calls. An Instagram blogger named kikiandkibbitz shared these exclusive snaps on social media.

90 Day Fiance: Sophie Claims That Her Mother Has Mental Issues

90 Day Fiance star Sophie shocked everyone by taking Rob’s side. She stated that the latter never tried to harm her, and it was her mother who was doing the job. The celeb was heartbroken and claimed that her own family member was trying to “ruin” her life. Sophie even assured her viewers that she would be making a clip to clear the mess and asked her viewers not to believe anything that Claire says.

She claimed that Claire wasn’t mentally stable at all. In the carousel of noted screenshots, Sophie was threatening the latter of posting clips that would confirm that she was unstable. However, the matriarch was least bothered and replied, “I will be dead tomorrow so I don’t actually care.” Moreover, Tor’i also revealed that Claire was the one who started threatening because she was afraid of her own daughter.

As per Rob’s friend, Claire felt that Sophie would expose her on social media. She suspected that the latter would share all the clips that would prove that she wasn’t mentally stable. However, viewers are now waiting for Sophie to talk about this matter and clear the air.

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