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90 Day Fiance: Corey & Evelin Complete 10 Years Together — Here’s A Glimpse At Their Special Celebration!

Corey and Evelin were some of the first stars to bring 90 Day Fiance to new heights. They debuted on the show with various spin-offs. Their on-and-off, as well as the dramatic storyline, kept everyone hooked. The cast members have come a long way since their days of struggle and have been in their lala land.

The duo often gives major updates about their everyday life in Ecuador. Well, celebrations have been in order for Corey and Evelin as they decided to share a rare and exceptional milestone with their fans. The couple has completed 10 years of togetherness!

90 Day Fiance: Corey & Evelin Share About Their Grand 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Back in 2019, Corey and Evelin became the newest faces to grace 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. But before TLC decided to showcase their relationship on TV, they were already in a relationship. But they did go through testing times when it came to lies and a cheating scandal. When most couples would quit, they decided to stick by eachother.

Well, Corey moved to Ecuador permanently to stay with his lady love, Evelin. Together, they are leading a happy life there while managing their business. They own a cocktail restaurant in the latter’s native country. On their Instagram, the duo decided to make a major reveal. They announced their 10 years of togetherness with a very wholesome post.

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Corey mentioned he went to Aruba with Evelin and her family. After all, it was a grand celebration. He shared multiple pictures from the exotic location. Some were with Evelin and also with her family. Well, the trip breathed life into the 90 Day Fiance. While Evelin’s family is back in Ecuador after a few days of vacation, they have decided to keep traveling and also asked fans to guess where they might go next! Everyone was very happy for them, as evident through their comment section.

90 Day Fiance: Corey & Evelin Headed To US Next?

Corey and Evelin showcased their journey on 90 Day Fiance when the former moved all the way to Ecuador from the United States. He did mention how his wife had come to America but had a very hard time adapting. Hence, the couple decided it was best for them to start their lives together in Ecuador instead, and they have been successful in doing so.

When one fan was curious about their current living situation, Corey clarified. He said Evelin did have a hard time adjusting to the US when she first visited, but he was positive that things would be better the second time around. The star didn’t reveal when exactly he plans to live with Evelin in America, but it might happen soon.

90 Day Fiance

The couple had also made new posts about their document and visa procedures last year. In their new post, Corey and Evelin mentioned they were in the middle of traveling. Could it be possible they are headed to America? Well, only time will tell

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