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90 Day Fiance: Angela Teased & Kissed A Random Guy Without Consent — Made Him Uncomfortable In Public!

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem never hesitates to do what her heart says. She lives her life as per her whims and fancies, which is why she often ends up creating controversies. Viewers recently were in shock when they saw the celeb cozy with a random man publicly.

Angela ended up teasing and kissing a guy, too, without his consent. She clearly made him uncomfortable while he was doing everything under the sun to escape from Deem’s arms. But why did Angela do this? What is she up to now?

Angela Deem has already been in the headlines because of her ongoing issues with Michael. But it appears that she isn’t leaving a chance to shock her viewers and is testing their patience back to back. They were recently in disbelief when a clip of the 90 Day Fiance star started to surface on the internet, and she ended up kissing a random guy.

A Reddit thread recently started with Angela’s shocking video. In the clip, she goes near a random man who is enjoying his drink. Deem then cupped the guy’s face with her hands and started running her hands through his hair. She then moved her arms all over the latter back and even came closer to him.

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Everyone around was cheering up and was evidently recording Angela’s inappropriate moves. She then came close to the guy whispered something in his ears, and gave a quick peck on his cheeks. Deem then sat on the table and authoritatively took his glass and made him drink herself.

Before leaving, Angela looked into his eyes, pulled him close, and gave him a tight hug. She further showered him with some kisses and 90 Day Fiance viewers weren’t able to believe their eyes. Some fans wondered if it was a “dare” or something because this behavior wasn’t usual or acceptable at any cost.

90 Day Fiance: Is Angela Deem Still With Michael?

Angela Deem’s blood starts to boil even when she hears a woman’s name from Michael’s mouth. She even asked the latter to take down all his social media accounts because she didn’t even want her husband to talk to someone else. But after all this, she was caught getting cozy with a random man. 90 Day Fiance viewers were sure that if Michael had done the same thing in the parallel universe, she wouldn’t have tolerated it at all.

90 day fiance

This made the viewers wonder if Angela was with Michael or not. Apparently, it is evident that there is some serious trouble in paradise. The couple recently created controversy because of the latter’s disappearing scandal. Michael decided to run for his life and left all his stuff at Angela’s residence.

Deem was trying to trace him but had to involve the police after she couldn’t. However, Michael soon contacted the police and revealed that he was scared for his life and begged the authorities not to share his number with Angela. The latter lost her calm and made it clear that divorce was on the table. Since then, viewers have been waiting for the couple to confirm their relationship status.

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