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Asuelu Pulaa’s latest life updates. All we know after Asuelu Pulaa leaves Kalani

  • Kalani reveals Asuelu’s infidelity, leading to a divorce decision in 90 Day: The Last Resort.
  • Asuelu has moved on in the U.S., pursuing golf championships and maintaining a cordial relationship with his ex.
  • Despite a cheating scandal, Asuelu continues to build a new life while Kalani finds love with Dallas.

90 Day: The Last Resort star Asuelu Pulaa has been missing in action while Kalani Faagata shows off her new relationship with boyfriend Dallas Nuez on social media. Asuelu is a 28-year-old reality TV star from Samoa who met Kalani in July 2016. Kalani was seven years older than Asuelu and lost her virginity to him after meeting him at a resort where he was working, and she was vacationing with her family. Kalani had already welcomed their first baby when she brought Asuelu to the U.S. Kalani and Asuelu got married and welcomed their second child.

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Asuelu’s Cheating Scandal Was Exposed On The Last Resort

Asuelu Cheated On Kalani A Dozen Times

Kalani revealed that Asuelu cheated throughout their entire marriage90 Day Fiance alum Kalani was pregnant and bringing Asuelu to America by the time she found out about Asuelu’s dark deeds. She wanted to give him a chance and wanted him to get along with her dad and family members. She kept Asuelu’s cheating scandal hidden to protect him.

“it was like girl after girl after girl, and I was just crushed.”

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Asuelu resorted to online cheating on Kalani after coming to America. He would reach out to different women and buy their naked pictures online and this led all the way to Samoa where he did the “tongue thing.”

Kalani Decided To Divorce Asuelu

Asuelu Wished To Get Back Together With Kalani

90 Day Fiance's Asuelu looking down and Kalani with a slight smile

Kalani revealed that Asuelu had cheated on Kalani “collectively” 10 to 12 times. Kalani was disgusted with herself when she heard herself tell Asuelu’s truth to the therapist. Meanwhile, Asuelu told the cameras that he felt like an “a*****e.” He knew he had been hurting his wife and family, and acknowledged that he didn’t deserve to be on 90 Day:The Last ResortKalani suspected Asuelu was still talking to other women while at the resort. She unblocked Dallas, and he’d flown to Florida to meet Kalani on set. Kalani believed that she should have been allowed to message other people too.

Kalani told Asuelu that Dallas was in town and that they’d met and “ended up doing other things.”

Kalani went on to tell Asuelu that she could see he was trying, but it was too late. Asuelu asked Kalani if she wanted a divorce. Kalani finally told him that she did. Kalani and Asuelu’s focus now was going to build a healthy co-parenting relationship. Divorce was not what Asuelu wanted for his family. Kalani still loved Asuelu as the father of their kids. Kalani let Asuelu know that she still saw him as a friend. However, Asuelu told the cameras his true feelings later. He was used to Kalani taking him back after every mistake.

“Hopefully things will change and I’m hoping that we stay together again.”

Kalani Has Been Dating Dallas Nuez Since November 2022

Kalani & Dallas Made Their Relationship Instagram Official After The Last Resort

Kalani told Asuelu that it would be best for them if they “just right away divorce.” Kalani had given up and felt that the sooner they divorced, the better it would be for their kids. Kalani hoped that Asuelu could deal with everything and move forward with them. Kalani confirmed her relationship with Dallas on social media after 90 Day: The Last Resort. While she did start teasing her new man with his tattooed arm on Instagram in December 2022, in November 2023, Kalani posted a shirtless photo of Dallas swimming in the ocean captioned, “I wanted a year for this.

Kalani Faagata reveals she wants a divorce from Asuelu Pulaa during 90 Day: The Last Resort episode 11. Is the reality TV show couple still married?

Did Asuelu Go Back To Samoa After His Split With Kalani?

Was 90 Day Fiancé Star Asuelu Deported?

In October 2022, Asuelu posted a video of him on a plane as it landed in Samoa. Asuelu said he was going to surprise his family in Samoa. The update had followed months of speculation about whether Asuelu and Kalani were together. Kalani had already revealed that Asuelu had blocked her on Instagram and he’d posted a video claiming he was single. It was likely during this trip that Asuelu received oral sex from a mystery woman and got a yeast infection which made his tongue white. Kalani had immediately started dating Dallas the next month.

However, Asuelu had not moved to Samoa for good. He returned to the U.S. where he filmed 90 Day: The Last Resort with his now estranged wife. A year later, in November 2023, Asuelu filmed a TikTok where he claimed that his “papers expired.” Reddit user u/namast_eh had watched the Live and asked other fans if they knew about Asuelu being deported. Asuelu may have no longer been a fan favorite after Kalani revealed he was a cheater, but fans felt sorry for Asuelu. They imagined that Asuelu and Kalani’s sons would be devastated if he really got deported.

Asuelu Is Still Living In America

Asuelu Hasn’t Been Deported

Fortunately for Asuelu, he is still in the U.S. Asuelu’s recent Instagram updates have been all from America. Asuelu isn’t ready to go back to Samoa just yet. He is building a happy life for himself in his new home country. Asuelu recently shared a video of himself surrounded by friends at the “Golf Champion in Texas.” Asuelu recorded the names of the winners being announced. It appears Asuelu got the first prize, which was $300. He later posted photos of himself with American stuntman and actor Tanoai Reed clicked at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center.

Asuelu Wants To Become A Golf Champion

Asuelu’s New Career Aspirations

Asuelu also posted a group picture with his colleagues. He’s hinting at being a part of the Samoa Las Vegas Golf Club. Asuelu often shares photos of him with his friends playing on the field. Asuelu looks happy in his photos. He has changed his look to appear more professional and mature. Asuelu now sports a thick beard compared to his clean-shaven look on 90 Day FiancéAsuelu and Kalani have been maintaining a cordial relationship as exes while they co-parent Oliver and Kennedy. He takes them to Disneyland and recently went “little eggs hunting with the boys” on Easter.

What Job Does Asuelu Do For A Living?

Is Asuelu Still Working As A Rideshare Driver?

While Asuelu seems to be earning good money by winning golf championships, he could have continued his dancing career on the side. Asuelu used to have a job with Siva Pasefika, a Polynesian entertainment company. He worked with them as a Polynesian dancer and instructor. The details weren’t mentioned on the show. Asuelu said he was working full-time as a rideshare driver on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 6 in 2021. Asuelu is also active on Cameo, where the 90 Day: The Last Resort star charges US $70 for a personalized video recording.

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