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Yohan Geronimo reveals if he would move to America because of Danielle

Yohan and Daniele are among the most chaotic couples of the 90 Day Fiance. They entered the franchise with their turbulent storyline and constant fights. The couple fought over several issues, including loyalty, respect, building a business, and family plans. They were never on the same page when it came to having a child. Yohan and Daniele have been butting heads over having a baby for a long time. Despite the 10-year age gap, they are working on their relationship. Fans never thought that the couple would return after the huge fight in the previous season. Finally, they kept all their issues aside to plan a baby. However, some fans think that Yohan has moved to the US with Daniele. Where is he now?

90 Day Fiance: Yohan Shuts Down Rumors About Him Moving To The US!

Yohan and Daniele bagged the title of the most problematic couples of the TLC series 90 Day Fiance. Their extremely tumultuous relationship grabbed a lot of spotlight in recent years. The couple has been in the Dominican Republic to live a peaceful life with each other. Things between them went downhill after the major Tell-All episode. Fans were sure they would never patch again. However, they surprised everyone with their appearance in the new season of The Other Way spinoff. Daniele and Yohan have started their new journey to have a baby finally. Now, rumors started swirling about their move to the US with the latest picture.

Recently, Yohan uploaded a picture of himself from a tall building. He was just smiling at the picture and didn’t write any caption. Hence, fans started speculating that he finally moved to New York with Daniele. One fan asked, “Are you in New York?” Meanwhile, another commented, “NY! LOL.” Further, a different user even congratulated him for achieving another milestone. However, Yohan decided to clear the air as soon as possible. The 90 Day Fiance celeb likes keeping things straight no matter what. Hence, he flocked to the comment section to reveal that the picture was from the Dominican Republic.

90 Day Fiance: Yohan Is Upset That Their Baby Won’t Have Daniele’s DNA!

Daniele and Yohan’s on-and-off relationship kept the audience engaged during the show. However, they always give their love another chance, even after the biggest fights. Hence, they have returned on the new season of 90 Day Fiance to showcase their journey. The couple is busy making the rounds of the fertility clinic for their future baby. In a recent episode, they went to the clinic to discuss the egg donor. Sadly, Yohan came to know that his baby won’t have Daniele’s DNA

. However, he expressed how much he wanted the baby to have some of her traits, such as eyes and nose.

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Also, he joked that the baby shouldn’t have his wife’s temperament. Later, they ended up arguing if they wanted to continue with the process or not. Daniele is worried that her partner doesn’t look ready to have the responsibilities. But Yohan thinks he knows how to raise a child, including playing and changing diapers.

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