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Yara Zaya shares extremely useful knowledge for women to have beauty like her

Yara Zaya has been off social media for a hot minute, and during her hiatus, she says she’s gained some unwanted weight.

The 90 Day Fiance star typically updates her fans and followers online, but her anxiety has gotten the best of her lately.

Yara took to her Instagram Stories this week to acknowledge that she hasn’t posted anything in a “long time” and shared that she gained eight pounds “due to stress.”

The Ukrainian native filmed herself as she explained how her life has been going.

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Yara began by thanking her followers for their support and then shared that she’s on a journey to lose “a little bit of weight.”

Luckily for Yara, she doesn’t need to do much to lose weight. As she explained, “All I need to do, to be honest, is just like cut sugar and alcohol out of my diet and I’m good!”

Yara Zaya is drinking celery juice to lose weight

Yara explained that anytime she’s under stress, her anxiety goes haywire, and she loses sleep as a result.

Although she was getting by on just two to three hours of sleep per day, Yara says now, she’s “back to normal.”

To shed the unwanted pounds she gained recently, Yara said she’s drinking celery juice every morning and eating healthy, which she said is responsible for her “losing weight super quick.”

Yara also shared a photo of her breakfast: a cup of celery juice fresh from the juicer.

In the photo’s caption, Yara wrote, “The morning starts not with coffee but with celery juice.”

Yara’s healthy lifestyle helps her stay thin

The TLC star seems able to keep her weight in check.

In addition to some fabulous genetics, Yara is a regular at the gym and adheres to a mostly healthy diet, even when she’s not trying to lose weight.

She told her fans that after welcoming her daughter, Mylah, she regained her pre-pregnancy figure by going to the gym and eating healthy.

“That’s all,” she claimed.

Yara still works as a social media influencer

Now that Yara is back in action on Instagram, the reality TV personality is back to working as a social media influencer.

Her latest post on the social media platform was a plug for Temu, sharing her favorite items with her followers from the online marketplace.

Yara directed her fans to click the link in her bio to receive a “lightning deal” and free shipping and returns while promoting some recent purchases.

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