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Yara Zaya Reveals Traumatizing Childhood Caused By Mother

Despite being a stunning vision of beauty, TLC’s 90 Day Fiance star Yara Zaya struggles immensely with body insecurities. Even though most would agree she has a fairly petite frame, she fears just gaining a pound or two would cause her to “become chunky.”

In an exclusive sneak preview from ET Online, Yara Zaya becomes emotional as she opens up about why she struggles so much with body insecurities. Sadly, the problem stems partly from culture and partly from a traumatic childhood involving both her mother and her father.

Yara Zaya Reveals Traumatizing Childhood Caused By Mother

In this exclusive clip, the 90 Day Fiance star can recall her mother telling her at a very young age that her nose was messed up. Her mother often called her “chunky.” And, she was constantly compared to other people who her mother considered to be perfect. Yara Zaya explains the constant pressure and criticism from her own mother broke something inside of her. Despite being an adult and a beautiful one at that, she can’t seem to flip the switch and turn off her insecurities.

Yara admits that Jovi Dufren does what he can to be supportive of her. He, however, can never fully grasp what she’s feeling. From a very early age, Jovi participated in a lot of pageants. His loved ones constantly reassured him of how perfect he was. So, Jovi has a fairly high and solid self-esteem because of his childhood.

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Her Father Was Also To Blame

While Yara Zaya only spoke of her mother during this exclusive clip, fans know she is not alone in the blame. During a Q&A session on social media, Yaya revealed that her father was an alcoholic. Tragically, she admitted she never felt like she had a “decent father.” The topic came up when someone asked her whether her mother or her father was her favorite parent.

She shared at the time: “I wish I could say daddy, but I never have a decent dadMy daddy is like a drunk.”

Despite the traumatic childhood with a critical mother, she declared her mother her favorite parent. Sadly, this was the obvious choice for Yaya as her mother was the one who raised her. Continuing to answer the question, she ripped her father stating that he was a “piece of sh*t” who only thought of himself.


In the exclusive clip, Yara’s loved ones reassured her that she needed to find a way to shake off these bad feelings. Her loved ones also reminded her that she was a beautiful woman who had nothing to be insecure about.

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