Why Was Meri & Kody Brown’s Child, Leon, Pushed To Tears?

Leon Brown, the only child that Meri and Kody Brown produced admitted to crying on dark days. Sister Wives fans who support Leon and Audrey Kriss who both came out as trans, can relate. It’s not often that Leon goes deep on social media these days. But then they do, it touches a lot of people in the LGBTQI+ community.

Meri & Kody Brown Made Leon Cry In Years Gone by

Leon Brown grew up as a biological female and TLC fans will remember that the lesbian coming out set Meri off in a spin. Recall, that she made it all about herself and how she wanted grandkids. Shaken with guilt she lamented because she felt at fault for not seeing the real gender of her child. Meanwhile, the Sister Wives patriarch spoke about understanding a persecuted minority. He claimed he understood that because of the condemnation of polygamy. In fact, it later emerged that he never really accepted Leon’s gender choices.

Kody Brown - Leon Brown - Sister Wives - YouTube/Instagram
Kody Brown – Leon Brown – Sister Wives – YouTube/Instagram

Sources claimed that Kody Brown freaked out when Leon affirmed their new name and cast off their dead name. Clearly, he wasn’t going to accept top surgery, and he possibly isn’t interested in hearing any explanations. Sister Wives Season 18 spoilers revealed that Robyn used Leon’s dead name. So fans felt angered about the disrespect.


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Kody & Meri Brown Parted Ways Over Leon?

While Meri turned into the most ardent supporter of Leon and Audrey, her former husband didn’t. In fact, sources revealed that he won’t even speak to his offspring. Allegedly, Leon’s parents clashed over it and that’s why Meri finally accepted her separation from Kody. There have been plenty of tears for Leon since childhood and this week on Instagram, they talked about how they “sobbed” on bad days.

TLC Sister Wives Meri and Kody Brown Child Leon Admits Crying Amid Dark Days
Image credit: @leointhemountains Instagram

I’ve been trying all week to find the words to describe seeing @joyoladokun for the second & third time & seeing @brandicarlile for the first time last weekend & i just don’t think words cut it honestly. joy’s music has gotten me through some of my darkest days. i sobbed watching them play ‘somehow’ at red rocks.”

Crying During The Dark Days

Kody Brown probably had no idea that his child cried at night. Leon added, “…as a queer kid who was also raised in a church that taught me to hate myself, joy’s music deeply resonates with me.” Additionally, Leon feels grateful that their affirming music changed their life.

In the comments, a follower wrote, ” I am obsessed with this caption and know the feeling well…” How many people sobbed in their beds at night over decades of intolerance? Perhaps there were so many that nobody will ever be able to find out.

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