Christine Brown Learns Daughter Mykelti Is Pregnant With Twins: ‘I Already Love Them’

Christine Brown‘s daughter Mykelti Brown reveals she’s expecting twins in Us Weekly’s exclusive first look at the upcoming episode of Sister Wives.

“There’s one other major surprise that I haven’t told anyone yet,” Mykelti, 27, tells the camera in the clip from the Sunday, October 29, episode of the TLC series.

Mykelti is then seen showing Christine, 51, and other family members — including brother Paedon, 25, and sister Ysabel, 20 — images from an ultrasound. “I’m having twins,” she says as Christine covers her mouth in disbelief.

While holding the sonogram pics, Christine gives her daughter a big hug. “Are you so excited to only get pregnant one more time?” she teases, to which Mykelti responds, “We’re done after this.”

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Christine turns to hug Mykelti’s husband, Tony Padron, and jumps for joy as the group celebrates. “Are you freaking kidding me?” Christine gushes. “You’re having twins!”

In a confessional, Christine beams as she continues to process the news. “I’ve never seen a sonogram of twins before. Ever, ever, ever,” she says. “I already love them. I already love them so much.”

Paedon and Ysabel join in on the excitement, with Paedon teasing his mom, “You can hold one [baby] as Mykelti holds one.”

Mykelti gives the cameras a more detailed look at the ultrasound images, one of which “shows the first baby’s heartbeat.” Christine remarks that the babies are “so cute” and “all mushed.”

“She’s gonna be huge,” Christine jokes, attempting to guess how “big” her daughter’s bump would be.

Despite her family’s reaction, Mykelti tells the cameras she “was not surprised” when she found out she was expecting two babies. “[Tony] didn’t quite understand,” she teases.

The couple have been married since 2016 and welcomed their first baby, daughter Avalon, in 2021. Mykelti announced via Instagram in June 2022 that she was pregnant with twins and gave birth to sons Archer and Ace five months later. “I’m glad my sons have finally come to play!” Tony gushed in a statement at the time.

Mykelti has since given fans glimpses of the babies’ biggest milestones, sharing a sweet pic of Avalon and her brothers in November 2022. “When Miss Avalon first met the boys she was confused and sad, but since then she like [sic] to cuddle and kiss them. A twin in one [arm] and her in one arm is her current favorite cuddling position,” she captioned the pic.

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