VIVA JANELLE Sister Wives star Janelle Brown parties in Las Vegas in a sexy dress after heated fight with ex Kody stopped production

JANELLE Brown has spent some time in Sin City for a fundraising event not long after she split from her ex-husband Kody Brown.

The 54-year-old Sister Wives star attended a fundraiser for Fork Cancer.

Janelle attended an event with her son Logan and his wife Michelle

Janelle attended an event with her son Logan and his wife Michelle

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It was a fundraising event called Fork Cancer in Las Vegas

The TLC personality added that her son Hunter, 26, couldn’t make it to the event because of a work conflict.

In the photos, Janelle was glowing under the neon lights of Las Vegas.

She was wearing a pretty knee-length blue dress with buttons down her chest.

Janelle also posted a video of the late-night party she attended at a rooftop bar.



Fans on social media loved seeing this side of Janelle’s life, and many think she looks happier without Kody, 54.

One said: “I love seeing you living your best life. (And making your kids a priority.)”

Another said: “You look so happy! Congratulations on redefining your life.”

A third said: “Jenelle is absolutely glowing. Baby, there is nothing better than staying hydrated and adorning yourself in happiness and peace. Keep going, Janelle. We are all cheering on this new chapter of your life.”

Someone said: “You are SO radiant and beautiful, Janelle! I hope you see it and feel it! You seriously radiate light!”


Earlier this month on an episode of the reality television show, Janelle got into an explosive fight with Kody that ended with her telling producers to shut off the cameras.

The wild scene [seen here] saw Janelle and Kody seated on a sofa in Arizona at wit’s end.

“I feel like I’m being gaslit,” Janelle began – before being instantly cut off by Kody.

“You’re using that because I used the term,” he shot back.

After some heated conversation, Kody went on to say that Janelle doesn’t “follow the rules and doesn’t take accountability.”

At that point, Janelle blew up and pointed a finger, saying: “Shut your f**king mouth and let me talk to you for a minute.”

Kody eventually threw on his jacket and implied all of their problems were Janelle’s doing: “There is only a bitterness. What partnership do we have?”

As Kody began to leave the room, she grabbed his jacket: “You stay and talk.”

“F**k you,” Janelle concluded.

Kody slammed the door, and Janelle told the producers: “Shut it off.”

Fans loved seeing how happy Janelle is without Kody Brown

Fans loved seeing how happy Janelle is without Kody Brown

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