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Usman Umar Flaunts Videos With THREE NEW WOMEN After Split With Kiera

90 Day Fiance star Usman Umar is now known for his never-ending list of relationships. He initially started off with Lisa Hamme and then made headlines with his chaotic relationship with Kim Menzies. After the celeb broke up with the latter, fans felt that he would end up giving up.

But Usman then introduced Kiera to TLC viewers and left them in shock. After another breakup, it seems that Sojaboy now has not one but THREE new women in his life! Who are these new entries? Is he with another American woman now?

Usman Umar Posts Videos With THREE New Women

90 Day Fiance star Usman Umar shocked the entire fan base by introducing back-to-back three American women. He started off with Liza Hamme, continued with Kim, and then ended with Kiera. Fans couldn’t believe their eyes as the celeb was continuously dating, and none of his relationships were working.

Recently, Usman had a chaotic split with Kiera after he flaunted her on social media and traveled all the way to the UK with her as well. Amid all this, viewers were again taken aback when Umar showed off not one but three women on Instagram this time.

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Recently, Usman took to Instagram and posted a carousel of TikToks with three different women! He wore a cap while he lip-synced to his new song “Na Baki.” The celeb shared the screen with a beautiful lady who was also vibing to Sojaboy’s music. In the next slide, there was another female who seemed to be enjoying the song with Usman.

Then, in the third slide, a completely different woman appeared who also synced with the lyrics with Sojaboy. Initially, viewers felt that Usman was hinting at someone new in his life, but they soon realized that it was perhaps just some promotional video that he posted.

90 Day Fiance: Usman Umar Is Openly Feuding With Ex-Wife Liza Hamme On Social Media! But Why?

90 Day Fiance star Usman Umar has been feuding with his ex-partners lately. There have been several instances when viewers felt that he was throwing shade at Kim Menzies. But recently, the celeb ended up creating headlines by only slamming his estranged wife, Liza Hamme!

Usman took to his Instagram account and posted a picture of the latter. He used the term “Grandma” for his ex and even claimed that she is now as old as 99. Sojaboy even added that Liza was “sick” and laughed at her as well. This evidently was an open invitation for Hamme to call out Usman back for this!

Liza didn’t leave a chance and was quick to reshare Sojaboy’s story. She revealed that she wasn’t “sick” at all. The celeb claimed that she has lost “weight” for herself and not because of any “health reasons.” Hamme further added that she is “minding her own business,” but Sojaboy isn’t stopping to harass her at all.

She asked her viewers to tell Usman that it has been three years now, and he should get over it! Several fans took Liza’s side, and the latter was the one who clearly started the feud unnecessarily.

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