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Update on Karine’s surgery results

Paul and Karine Staehle were far from sable when they appeared on 90 Day Fiance. Their journey began with Before The 90 Days when the former traveled to Brazil to be with his lady love. It was a tough phase as the former had to gain approval from the latter’s parents to marry her and bring her to America. His arson case also came into the limelight, which made matters worse.

At last, Karine did move to the US with Paul, and together, they had two kids. But soon, they separated, and CPS took over their custody, and now their sons are with a foster family. Amidst all, Paul moved to Brazil while his wife was trying to regain custody of her kids from America. While they try to co-parent, the former couple don’t get along with one another. That’s because Paul has a habit of spreading lies about his ex-wife. He made a post about Karine undergoing surgery! Was he telling the truth?

90 Day Fiance: Paul Reveals His Ex Karine Underwent Surgery! What’s The Truth?

Paul Staehele ended up being the most problematic star from 90 Day Fiance. While TLC fired him and Karine, they continued to stay relevant in the news due to their controversies. As mentioned above, they are struggling to regain their kids’ custody from CPS. Amidst all this, Paul doesn’t make things easy for Karine, as he keeps looking for ways to degrade her on social media.

Surprisingly, Paul’s new post about Karine was positive yet concerning. It had a picture of her in hospital scrubs with his mother, Edna. Without giving much context, the ex-TV star said that Karine’s surgery was “successful’ and she has been in “recovery.” Due to this reveal, there was a frenzy on the internet. Many wondered why Paul made a post about such a major thing while Karine had no mention of it on her social media.

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There have been times when Paul has spread misinformation about his ex, like her pregnancy and potential boyfriend, on her social media. Hence, many 90 Day Fiance fans believe he must be lying for clout once again. Karine had had to clarify time and again that her ex was not reliable and fans shouldn’t believe his posts. Hence, viewers are waiting for her to shed some light on her recent surgery if she actually had it.

90 Day Fiance: Karine Calls Paul Dangerous As He Hacked Her Social Media & Lied About Her Pregnancy!

Fans aren’t willing to believe Paul’s update about Karine’s potential surgery. That’s because he has given the audience many reasons to believe he often lies on the internet to stay relevant. It all began when he allegedly “went missing” in Brazil, only for viewers and panicked co-stars to find out he was faking the whole thing.

Then, Paul decided to share some screenshots on his Instagram from Karine’s Facebook Messenger conversation with a man named Michael. She allegedly revealed her pregnancy to him and expressed her wish to get married to him ASAP. While sharing this, Paul wished them congratulations. But Karine immediately hit back and slammed Paul for lying.

Karine said how her ex had hacked her Facebook and was manipulating fake messages. Hence, she wasn’t pregnant, and neither was she in a relationship with Michael, as he is just a good friend. The ex TV star expressed that she considers Paul dangerous for such things and how no one believes her.

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