Trent Johnston Breaks Silence On Liz Johnston Pregnancy

Trent Johnston of 7 Little Johnstons is breaking his silence about his daughter Liz Johnston’s pregnancy. It was revealed today that she is expecting a baby with her boyfriend Brice Bolden. The baby is due in November of 2023. Not a lot of details are out at this time and they haven’t shared the gender just yet.

Liz Johnston’s Pregnancy

Liz Johnston shared with People that she was expecting a baby. This baby is due in November so she is already over halfway through her pregnancy. This baby is with Brice Bolden, who is her boyfriend of four years. The couple lives together but hasn’t gotten engaged or married yet. They seem to be very happy and doing great together. There was a bit of speculation that they split because they don’t post often with each other. Liz might have actually been avoiding posting because she didn’t want anyone to see her baby bump.

Liz did go to her Instagram and post pictures of her baby bump after the big announcement was revealed. You can see them below.

Trent Johnston went to his Instagram to share that he is excited that the baby is on the way. He shared a post, that you can see below, which shares the People article. Along with it, he said, “I’m going to be a Boppa! We are so happy and super excited for the first grand baby.” It sounds like Amber is excited too since he said “we” in his post.

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The word “Boppa” is of German origin and means grandpa. This would explain why Trent Johnston is using this name for himself. It is unknown so far what Amber will use for her grandma name, but it will probably be something pretty cool as well. Fans can’t wait to hear what she decides on.

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