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Tragic Loss For Michael Ilesanmi, Mother Passed Away! [RIP]

Angela and Michael have come off as quite toxic when it comes to their relationship on 90 Day Fiance. They first made their debut in 2020 with the show as the former flew to Nigeria to meet her lover. Despite their differences, they took the step to tie the knot.

During Angela’s time there, fans also got familiar with Michael Ilesanmi’s family. They were very fond of his mother, Aduke, and used to be in awe of how quickly she accepted Angela into their family. However, in the latest The Last Resort episode, Michael expressed that his mother dearest is no longer in this world.


90 Day Fiance: Michael Heartbroken After Losing His Mom! Cries On Camera

Michael and Angela began showcasing their relationship in Nigeria. It was evident to the 90 Day Fiance fans that their bond was very turbulent. Yet, they said “I do” to one another and tied the knot. Michael recalled this moment in the latest Last Resort episode.

The Nigerian star went on to express how Michael’s friends, family, everyone was there, and his mom, too. After mentioning his mom, he began crying. That’s because the celebrity’s mom passed away last year in August.

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Fans must remember Michael’s mother, Aduke, on the show. She first made her debut on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way in 2020. She was also part of her son’s wedding in Nigeria. The supporting castmate danced her heart out while celebrating her son’s marriage to Angela Deem.

Hence, looking back at such a moment brought tears to his eyes. Even Angela admitted to flying to Nigeria instantly after finding out her mother-in-law was no more. Such a tragic loss in their lives really helped Michael and Angela work on their marriage.

90 Day Fiance: Michael Makes Amends & Works On His Marriage With Angela To Honor His Late Mom!

In the new episode, Michael admitted that even after he cheated on his wife from 90 Day Fiance, Angela, she flew immediately to him after finding out he had lost his mom. Michael’s mother had accepted Angela into their family when she was alive.

Hence, Ilesanmi wanted to honor her by respecting her wishes. Michael intends to do so by loving and treating Angela with utmost respect. He expressed this in the latest episode of The Last Resort.

90 Day Fiance

After all, Angela has been with Michael in both his good and bad times. Viewers were surprised to see such a side of one of the most toxic couples. But at last, love won. This tragedy helped them bridge the gap between the two, and now their marriage is quite stable again.

When the episode began, Angela had brought divorce papers with her in case the couple wasn’t able to sort out their differences. But after lots of counseling and therapy on the show, they are in a better space.

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