TLC Unexpected: Jason Korpi & Kylen Smith NOT Together Now? Won’t Return On SEASON 6?

Jason Korpi ended up creating in TLC Unexpected Season 5. His turbulent relationship with his girlfriend, Kylen Smith, shocked everyone. Viewers got to see a very dark side of the star when they were filming for the birth sequence. Many also called out TLC for enabling people like Jason, who was so controlling and disrespecting their partner.

TLC Unexpected: Jason & Kylen Still Together Or Not? Raising Their Baby Boy Xavier?

Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith came off as any other regular couple in the initial days of TLC Unexpected. But as the episodes unfolded, fans got scared of the former. He ended up crossing a lot of lines when it was time for their baby to come. The teen dad didn’t let his partner, Kylen, be on epidurals to ease her pain while giving birth.

That’s not all. Some also caught Jason vaping at the birth center. But the most shocking moment was when the hospital staff kicked him out for yelling at Kylen to “hurry up.” There was indeed an uproar in the fanbase as they wondered how TLC was showcasing such things on their show.

TLC Unexpected

It has been a year since TLC Unexpected Season 5 wrapped up. It is likely that Jason and Kylen will make a comeback in the new season. They had been vocal about getting affected because of all the hate. But fans still wonder if they are still together or not after witnessing so many of their fights and quarrels.

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Apparently, Jason has not made any posts on his social media since April 2022. Tvshowace also said that Kylen’s display picture on her Instagram is of her and her boyfriend. So, there is a high chance they are still together. Moreover, a Reddit user also replied to a thread regarding the same. They said that it is very likely that Jason and Kylen still have baby Xavier’s custody.

TLC Unexpected: Who All Are Returning In The Next Season?

As mentioned above, Jason and Kylen have been vocal about not entering another season of TLC Unexpected. They informed everyone about this through their comments section while tackling trolls who still bash them for their behavior. But, there are many other castmates who have confirmed they will return on screens to showcase young parenthood.

Longtime viewers must know how Jenna Ronan is pregnant again with her second child. She will make her return with her new baby daddy, JJ Della. At the same time, the Boisseau sisters made a public announcement that their family no longer had an interest in returning anymore. While Tyra gave birth to her second child, she did it privately, away from the cameras.

TLC Unexpected

While there is no confirmation about Emersyn Potter’s return on Season 6, she did mention wanting to stay a part of the show. But Lilly Bennett looked positive when it came to showcasing her parenthood journey once again. Well, fans will have to wait a little more to see who else will be joining the new season.

How do you feel about Kylen and Jason still being together? Let us know in the comments below.

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