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TLC Replaced Vanessa & Colt With Molly & Kelly After Tragic Accident On The Set?

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort is already airing and has become one of the most loved spinoffs within no time. Fans are loving the drama it has to offer and are wondering what else it has. The show currently features Yara-Jovi, Molly-Kelly, Angela-Michael, Kalani-Asuelu and Big Ed-Liz.

Amid all this, viewers were in shock when Vanessa Guerra revealed that she and Colt were also a part of the show until he ended up breaking his leg. Not only this, but she also disclosed that Molly and Kelly were her “replacements.” Is this true? What did she say?

90 Day Fiance: Were Kelly & Molly Replacements Of Vanessa And Colt?

90 Day Fiance star Vanessa has been openly talking about her husband’s recent accident. She kept her viewers updated regarding the process and recovery of Colt. Amid all this, The Last Resort’s trailer made it to the headlines, which ignited Vanessa’s anger.

She revealed that she was also supposed to be a part of the spinoff until Colt broke his leg. The celeb recently spilled some more tea in her Q&A session on Instagram, and fans are still in disbelief. Recently, a curious viewer asked Vanessa about The Last Resort.

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The fan wanted to know if the makers edited all the scenes of her with Colt or if they simply had to reshoot everything. Vanessa was quick to reveal that she started “filming” in “Reno,” and that is where Colt broke his leg.

She further confessed that they were the “first couple” who started filming and were supposed to be on the “first episode.” Vanessa added, “Never made it to Florida.” Fans were in shock when Vanessa disclosed that Molly and Kelly’s pair acted as their replacements after Colt broke his leg.

Vanessa and Colt couldn’t film for some time as he was in the hospital so they were quickly replaced. A user wrote on Reddit, “I wish Colt and Vanessa were on instead of Molly and Kelly.” Another one added, “This would’ve been awesome if they were there.”

90 Day Fiance: Vanessa Feels Colt Broke His Leg Because Of The Makers? But How?

90 Day Fiance star Vanessa didn’t take a step back in spilling the tea when it comes to The Last Resort spinoff. As soon as the first look of the show came up, she was quick to reshare the clip and made some shocking claims. She wrote on her Instagram story that she was also “filming” for the same.

However, they could only do so until the network got a “genius idea” of putting her husband, Colt, on a trampoline and telling him “exactly” how to jump from there. Vanessa added that because of this, the latter ended up breaking his leg and was in a pathetic condition.

Vanessa further added that the network “bailed” on the couple as soon as they realized that Colt wouldn’t be able to provide any content with his broken leg. Fans were in disbelief because of her claims. But it was evident that they really wanted to watch the couple on the show.

Many viewers even stated on a Reddit thread that they were ready to give their everything just to watch them on The Last Resort. However, for now, the audience is happy to know that Colt is finally living a normal life and is recovering at a great pace.

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