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TLC Confirms Show’s End! This Is The Last Season For Pedro & Chantel’s Story

Pedro Jimeno was from the Dominican Republic when he caught the fancy of Chantel Everett. Together, they survived in their marriage for six years on The Family Chantel. Things began to change when the former finally acquired his green card and began work as a real estate agent.

Since then, the couple began facing lots of issues in their bond until they couldn’t do it anymore. While they divorced in 2022, TLC surprised the audience by showing there is more to the story. Apparently, it is going to be the last ever edition in Chantel and Jimeno’s reality TV chapter.

The Family Chantel: TLC Ready To Put An End To The Show! Introduces Final Season

Chantel and Pedro were initially 90 Day Fiance fans’ favorite couple. While their family was toxic towards each other, their love crossed all the barriers. Alas, after six years of marriage, they called it quits. Fans who have seen the previous season must know how it came into being.

But a new trailer on TLC’s Instagram proved there is more to the story. That’s because it introduced The Family Chantel: Final Chapter. By looking at the name of the upcoming edition of the show, fans are convinced it will be the last season of the show.

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Earlier, there used to be discussions regarding the same among 90 Day Fiance fans. Many believe that as the name of the show is The Family Chantel, TLC can still choose to focus on Chantel’s family even after Pedro and Chantel’s divorce.

Even Chantel had been hoping for the network to continue her show. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Yet fans are curious to know what more will the reality TV couple bring to the table even after their divorce. Well, the trailer has been getting an amazing response as it has captured Pedro and Chantel’s single life and the aftermath of their divorce.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Dates New Girl, Chantel Hires PI, Lots Of Drama Ahead Of New Season!

TLC announced a brand new season for Pedro and Chantel’s The Family Chantel. It began with the former saying the couple would be meeting each other 9 months after their divorce. It was an intense moment, but the Dominican Man was willing to move forward.

So, he ended up going on a date with Corraima. Fans must remember her from the previous season. She is Nicole’s best friend who had a crush on Pedro, and it caused problems in his marriage with Chantel. So, once they uploaded a picture together, all of Chantel’s family was in shock, and she began crying later. Clearly, Pedro intended to hit his ex-wife where it hurt the most!

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That’s not all. After seeing Pedro’s antics, Chantel’s mother decided to get back at him for hurting her baby, and she wanted to “protect” her at all costs. So, she hired a PI to dig up some dirt on her ex-son-in-law.

While she never revealed the intention behind it, Pedro was convinced she was doing such a thing to get the star deported. All of it just ensured to the fans that The Family Chantel: The Final Chapter is going to be quite a ride filled with lots of dramatic and intense moments!

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