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Tim Malcolm Shows Off De@dly Weapon On Social Media!

Tim Malcolm stole many hearts from his storyline in the 90 Day Fiance franchise. He was popular for his turbulent relationship with Jennifer Tarazona. However, it didn’t work, and they parted ways for good. He became best friends with his ex, Veronica, and introduced her on the show that way. The two share a platonic relationship and influence each other’s life a lot. Fans dearly wanted the two to tie the knot, but it hasn’t happened. They are instead comfortable being friends with each other. However, Tim’s electrifying personality and strong appearance have made him quite popular. Recently, he shocked fans by flaunting a dangerous weapon from his collection on social media.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm Introduces His New Firearm On Instagram!

Popular TLC celeb Tim Malcolm grabbed quite a lot of attention on 90 Day Fiance. Also, he became a Tell-All sensation and garnered a lot of followers on Instagram as well. The star is a successful businessman that runs Gringo Custom Designs. He sells unique vintage items and often posts about them on his social media. However, the reality TV celebrity shocked everyone by introducing his shining golden gun.

Tim explained that the vintage product was a “Custom Colt mKIV Officer 1911 short barrel with rare barrel compensator.” It also gave the perfect James Bond vibes, but the gun was made long before the Secret Agent movies. The 90 Day Fiance star also noted the item had a 24k gold finish, mirror-polished with mother-of-pearl custom grips.

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Tim wanted to show off the royal product to his audience and not for any selling purpose. He claimed, “Guns are for showing the art of the work done, not for sale!” Fans were amazed to see the beauty in his post. They shared their reactions in the comment section. One fan pointed, “You don’t sell them?? It’s beautiful!” Meanwhile, several others praised the gorgeous beauty for the fine finish and the weapon’s beautiful appearance. Further, a different user added, “This seems like a threat.”

90 Day Fiance: Tim Shared Precious Memory With BFF Veronica!

Tim Malcolm and Veronica Rodriguez appeared as the perfect couple from the beginning. Several fans hoped to see them walk down the aisle. However, they have moved on from their romantic relationship to remain best friends. Recently, Malcolm shared a loving memory of the past with Veronica on his Instagram. He shared a picture with Veronica when they met Tony Todd, and it was more than 12 years ago. In it, Veronica posed in a pink tank top and white shorts while Tim flaunted his pink hair, matching her top. He revealed, “The pink hair was for the website I owned at the time, to match Veronica’s shirt” in the caption.

However, fans couldn’t stop gushing over the exes and requested them to reconcile. Meanwhile, others requested him to repeat that iconic look. One fan stated, “Your hair looks cool. I like how it matches her shirt.” However, the TLC star jumped to the comment section to respond that they are friends to date and truly enjoy the friendship they have.

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