This Sister Wives Star Might Reunite With Kody Brown (But Only Under One “Unrealistic” Condition)

Sister Wives season 18 has explored the relationships of Kody Brown in plural marriage after his divorce, but which of his wives may return?

  •  Janelle is considering separation from Kody after a rough argument, but doesn’t believe her marriage is completely over yet.
  •  Christine believes Janelle is not truly finished with her marriage to Kody and still has feelings for him.
  •  Janelle’s decision to leave Kody was a result of careful thought, and there is a possibility she could return to plural marriage in the future.

Sister Wives season 18 has been all about exploring Kody Brown’s remaining marriages after the fallout from his split with Christine Brown, but with just one wife remaining, it’s possible one of his previous wives could return to plural marriage. Kody, who’s been married to Christine, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Robyn Brown for decades, has had a difficult time throughout the last several years. As his relationships have crumbled around him, Kody hasn’t been able to pick up the pieces and preserve his relationships at all. In recent episodes of Sister Wives season 18, Kody has been dealing with drama in his marriage to Janelle after a rough argument.

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Doesn’t Think Janelle Is “Done” With Kody

Sister Wives Janelle, Christine & Maddie Brown

While Janelle isn’t sure about her position in her marriage with Kody, Christine sees things a bit more clearly. In the preview, Christine shared that she’s not entirely certain that Janelle is finished with her marriage to Kody the way she’s implying. Though she’s hopeful that Janelle will ultimately be able to leave her marriage, Christine explained during an interview segment that, “I don’t think she’s done yet. She still has affection for him. And she’s just separated, very separated.” Christine affirmed her suspicions asking, “If Kody changed, would you ever want a full marriage with him again?” to which Janelle replied, “Yes, but I think it’s unrealistic.”

Though Janelle, Christine, and Meri have all chosen to leave Kody for different reasons, it’s clear that Janelle’s decision was made after some long, serious thought. Christine may have had a bit of influence over Janelle’s decision, especially in helping her to navigate the tricky aspects of leaving a plural marriage, but Janelle came to her choice on her own and openly struggled with it. Janelle’s choice was tough enough that some may believe she could go back to plural marriage. Throughout Sister Wives season 18, Janelle has been open about the fact that she still cares deeply for Kody, but he’s changed so much she doesn’t recognize him.

With Sister Wives season 18 continuing to heat up and build drama, the series has never been more important to keep track of. Though Christine has left the family, her relationship with Janelle has never been more important, while Kody’s relationship with Janelle has never been more fractured. The couple is on the brink of divorce on Sister Wives, and though it’s sad to see their marriage hitting the rocks, it’s also one of the more honest things viewers have ever seen on the series. Understanding that Janelle and Kody’s dynamics have shifted is key, even if she does return to plural marriage.

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