90 Day Fiance


There was no hope for Daniele and Yohan to salvage their marriage.

Though she met for dinner with him and his family just days before the tell-all special (“I do it because his family is important to me, because I want to make sure that he’s OK and he has what he needs,” she said), she was still keeping tabs on his alleged mistresses and the women he continued to bring home after they got married.

Daniele said she couldn’t completely keep track of how many women Yohan has cheated with, explaining, “ I have a lot of screenshots but probably close to, like, 50 or 60.”

Daniele told the group she has unrestricted access to all of Yohan’s social media accounts because she was the one who made the passwords. And she was using that access to build a case against Yohan — unbeknownst to him.

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“He wanted cash from every one of these women that he reached out to because he was collecting money. Don’t ask me where it is because the fact that he says that he paid for everything is straight comedy,” she said.

She added, “He has multiple women that he’s in a relationship with now that think that they’re the only one.”

Yohan denied it all and claimed Daniele may have paid the women off to lie about him. “I don’t know if she paid them or what, and now she wants to put all that out there because she was the one who messed things up,” he said in Spanish, translated to English. “Now she wants to clear her name and act like a saint.”

There was also an ongoing question over whether Yohan ever invited other women to their apartment. He denied that too, but Daniele pointed to the fact some of their pool floats had moved as proof that a guest she didn’t know about had been to their home.

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