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This 90 Day The Last Resort Star Blasts Recent Baby Rumors

The Last Resort star thinks of having another baby after having children with her husband, but she isn’t pregnant at the moment.

Kalani Faagata from 90 Day: The Last Resort recently took to Instagram to clarify that she isn’t expecting a baby. She is currently featured on the therapy-oriented spin-off with her Samoan husband, Asuelu Pulaa. The couple’s marriage is falling apart after Asuelu cheated on his wife and allowed her to be intimate with another man. Unfortunately, Kalani developed feelings for the new man and even admitted that she couldn’t imagine getting intimate with her husband anymore.

Kalani interacted with her followers during an Instagram Q&A. While answering one of her fans’ questions about baby number three, she said, “I’m 35, so I feel like it’d have to happen this year or not at all. But also my boys never stop fighting so.” Since Kalani had a new man in her life and seemed excited to welcome another baby, it was assumed that she could be pregnant.

 90 Day The Last Resort's Kalani with her kids and Instagram Story confirming she's not pregnant

However, the 90 Day: The Last Resort star recently cleared up the pregnancy rumors. Kalani wrote that she wasn’t pregnant and people shouldn’t read the clickbait articles about her. She added, “Can’t stand people that don’t like me but want to profit off me.”

What To Know About Kalani Faagata’s Boyfriend Dallas Nuez

Montage of 90 Day Fiancé's Kalani and Dallas

While Kalani shut down the rumors, fans aren’t to blame for thinking she was pregnant. In recent weeks, the mom of two has shown a deep interest in her new man, Dallas. She has continually talked about him on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off and used his videos to practice her intimacy homework. Kalani is obsessed with her boyfriend because of how he treats her. Unlike Asuelu, Dallas takes care of Kalani’s needs, which helps her feel loved. The new man seems to be the ideal fit for the single mom.
Kalani cleared up the hoaxes in time before things blew out of proportion. Pregnancy rumors are often difficult to navigate, but the Orange County woman did it confidently. Many female 90 Day Fiancé stars have faced a similar situation on social media. One example is Veronica Rodriguez, who became the center of pregnancy rumors after she posted about a fertility device. However, the North Carolina single mom was simply doing a paid promotion. Similarly, newcomer Violet Tuyet also became part of pregnancy rumors lately. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

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There is still time for Kalani to have a third baby. However, she likely won’t do it with Asuelu, as she has admittedly lost her attraction to him. Kalani and her husband are trying to fix their relationship on The Last Resort, but their problems are too deep to be cured by a two-week trip to Florida and a few therapy sessions. The pair would have benefited more if they had kept their business private and hired a personal therapist to resolve their issues. For now, the clues suggest Kalani and Asuelu’s story on 90 Day Fiancé is likely over.

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