The Truth About Janelle Brown & Her Ex, Adam Barber

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown married Meri’s older brother, Adam Barber before she married Kody Brown. At the time that they courted, Meri was Kody’s only wife. Recently, Adam passed away, and it looked like Janelle didn’t attend his funeral which happened close to Christine Brown’s wedding. Now TLC fans are asking why Janelle so seldom mentioned her ex.

Janelle Brown Mentioned Adam Barber

Adam never appeared on the Sister Wives show.  However, fans did hear that his former wife claimed they didn’t fit together well spiritually. The End! Mind you, the TLC show never really did a deep dive into the fact that her mom married Kody’s dad. So, that meant that she was both Kody’s step-sister, but also a sister-in-law.

Last year, Sister Wives fans took a good look at Janelle Brown and her former marriage to Adam. Married in December 1988, they only stayed together until 1990 when Janelle filed for divorce. Three years later, she married Kody Brown. Recently, she and Christine both gushed about the younger husband of Meri. And, they seemed seemed smitten by him. Additionally, Kody admitted in a preview that he had flirted with his second spiritual wife. That preview made TLC fans wonder about the silence on Adam.


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Janelle Brown And Adam Barber Influenced Relationships?

It’s no secret that Meri doesn’t get along with her former sister-in-law. In fact, some TLC fans don’t like that the mom of Leon often gets dissed by the proud mother of six kids. It’s not a new thing that Sister Wives fans wonder how that enmity came out. A lot of them believe that Meri resented the fact that Adam ended up divorced, and the next thing, Kody shared a bed with her brother’s ex.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Talk About Adam Barber - Instagram
Mark, Adam, Teresa, Meri Barber and her dad  – @therealmeribrown Instagram

Why does Janelle ignore she was married to Meri’s brother? In [a] new snippet, she just says she was friends with Meri’s family. Are they trying to erase the idea she was married to her brother first?🤣

Comments rolled in:

  • They don’t talk about this because it doesn’t fit into the picture of polygamy they are trying to portray. They are trying to show that they all chose polygamy out of their own free will… These marriages within a small, close-knit group don’t dispel the notion that polygamy is a cult and that members only marry within that cult.
  • Probably because it actually would be a valid reason why they have not got along from the get go.
  • Your sister in law leaves your brother and marries your husband. Outside of polygamy this would be 100% frowned upon… the betrayal writes itself.

Are you surprised that Janelle Brown clashed with Meri? Might it be because the second wife seemed to want her husband? Do you think they kept Adam Barber out of the conversation because it didn’t look good for polygamy? What about him never appearing on the show? Do you think there was room for that?

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