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The reason Jenny broke her promise and went back to the US without bringing Sumit with her

Jenny Slatten, star of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way has been spotted in the United States alone, not so long after her altercation with Kimberly Rochelle, on the first part of the tell all episode, of the fifth season of the show. Sumit got married to Jenny out of Love, and not because he was aiming to go the United States, and get a green card using her. However, on the 7th season of Happily Ever After, Jenny did promise Sumit to take him with her to the United States, so he could meet her family during the holidays, and yet, when the time came for such occasion, she didn’t.

The American cougar, who’s from Palm Springs, California, first appeared on season 1 of The Other Way, back in 2019, when she traveled to India to be with Sumit, who is 30 years her junior. The pair met on Facebook almost a decade ago, when Sumit was working in a call center, while using the name Michael Jones to hide his real identity. He then attempted to catfish jenny by showing her fake pictures of himself, and it worked!  Sumit lied to Jenny because he already had a wife in India. Jenny’s age was frowned upon by his family. Even now, three years after their wedding, Sumit’s family does not consider Jenny to be their own.

On the 10th of December 2023, a 90 day fiancé fan spotted Jenny in the United States. She took a photo of her and posted it on Reddit and wrote as a caption:” I zapped Jenny from 90 day fiancé last night”. In the comment section of the post, many of the show fans were wondering whether she was alone or with Sumit. To end the speculations, a Reddit user commented:” She was on TikTok live with her daughter last week, I think. She said she was here by herself (Sumit was in India). She’s here visiting and I think won’t be back till January? I don’t exactly remember when she said she would go back”. This confirmed that TLC couple didn’t split, and jenny didn’t go back to the US to stay there permanently. She’s only there to spend some quality time with her daughter and the rest of her family during the holidays.

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The boss of Jenny’s daughter saw the Reddit post and left a comment under it that says:” She’s here in CA to visit for the holidays! Source: Her daughter is my employee, We Stan Jenny. Crazy Kim better back off”. Sumit not coming with Jenny could be due to financial reasons, or maybe because he really has no interest in coming to the US, even on a tourist visa. The young Indian has no plans of relocating to USA. He only wishes that his family accepts his old American wife Jenny as one of them, instead of being so aggressive and hateful toward her.

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