90 Day Fiance

The Other Way’ clip, Kimberly is in tears as she and TJ figure out the future of their relationship.

Kimberly is fighting for her relationship with TJ — and he seems to have his mind made up!

On Monday’s upcoming episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, the couple continues their phone conversation, after they argued in front of Kimberly’s parents about the events that have transpired during her trip to India. All of this is happening just days before they are set to get married.

The clip begins with TJ recapping Kimberly’s behavior during the meeting with her parents.

“Last night I met with Kimberly’s parents and Kimberly was giving rude attitude the whole time I was sitting next to her,” TJ says in a side interview. “And honestly, since Kimberly arrived in India, she’s only picking out bad and worse things day by day, day by day, and this is the last thing which she did, it broke me.”

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Kimberly appears in her hotel room and TJ is at home. Kimberly begins to explain to TJ that “I f**k up a lot,” and that she wanted to make sure that he knew how she felt while addressing the issues she had with his family.

“I’m sorry if I made you think this wasn’t salvageable. I’m sorry, I love you, like from the bottom of my heart,” she says through tears.

TJ then tells Kimberly that he doesn’t know what the future looks like for their relationship, as their last six days in India have been filled with unhappiness and arguments.

“It just shattered me,” he says.

Kimberly continues to tell him through tears that she doesn’t want to end their relationship over some “stupid fights,” reassuring him that he is the only person she wants to marry.

“I am disappointed about this,” TJ tells her. “You can cry, and you just are telling me now that I have importance in your life. Yesterday I didn’t feel that. There is no reason of sticking up together if someone is very sad and very disappointed about some other’s deeds.”

Kimberly tearfully tells TJ that “you are everything to me.” In one final plea, Kimberly once again tells TJ how much their relationship means to her.

“I want to give this a fair shot and I don’t think I have,” she says. “And if you can forgive me at some point in the future, I’d really like to prove to you that I can do this.”

TJ takes it all in, holding the phone close to his ear, and saying nothing.

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