The Little Couple: Fans Shocked At How Different Will Klien Looks

TLC has a variety of family-centric dramas. And while all these shows follow the basic plotline of a family going through some drama, The Little Couple is different. The show is relatively ‘tension-free’. However, they do have some very wholesome moments.

Although the show has been off-air, fans still love the small snippets. They fulfill their craving through the family’s Instagram posts. Both the parents, Bill and Jen, keep sharing family photos. And in a recent photo, fans were really surprised by how grown-up little Will looked!

The Little Couple: Will Klien Looks So Grown-up

TLC viewers love The Little Couple. But since the show has been off-air for three/four years now, fans wonder how the family is doing. The show’s fans have looked at the family members’ social media accounts for updates about the cast.

And recently, Jen Arnold posted a picture on Instagram giving an update about the family. Jen shared a family photo from their lunch at Cantina Italiana, Boston, Massachusettes. The photo was part of a carousel post and had Bill, Bill’s parents, Jen, and their children, Will and Zoey. The whole clan was smiling at the cameras and enjoying family time. Arnold captioned the photo with, “Lunch at our favorite north end.”

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Fans loved the photos. But they were really shocked to see how much the 14-year-old Will Klien had grown. They flooded the comments section with praise for the teen and his style. Will was in a red Nike hoodie. One fan wrote, “Will is so grown up and handsome!” Another show lover commented about how much the kids have “grown up.”

Jen had uploaded another photo this week on Instagram. In the photo, Will was in an orange, white, and blue patterned button-up shirt. He wore a blue sweater vest over it with black jeans and sneakers. Mom Jen had added the following caption, “I caught you all dressed up.” She had also tagged the show and the word ‘handsome.’

The Little Couple fans, again, loved the snap. They commented about Will looking handsome and smart. One comment read – “He is so gorgeous. I can see such confidence in him. Great job!”

The Little Couple: Bill Is “Grateful For Every Day” With His Children Will & Zoey

The Little Couple children had grown up in front of the audience. Will and Zoey are now 14 and 12 years old, respectively. And they are doing great both in school and in life. Will is now managing the football team, and Zoey is also enjoying life. The parents also adore their kids.

Bill Klein spent much time with the kids during the COVID-19 pandemic. He had even homeschooled them. Since then, the love between the father and his children has only grown. Bill recently posted a few pictures of him and his children on Instagram. There were also photos of the kids from their younger days.

Bill captioned the photos, “Happy #nationaladoptionaday … changed my life for the better in ways I could never describe to another human. Grateful for every day @jenarnoldmd and I have had to be these twos parents. Excited where they will go, what they will do…”.

The fans really loved this sweet upload. Some even wrote how much they loved watching the couple be amazing parents to the kids.

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