‘The Little Couple’ Bill Klein Heading To Los Angeles

The Little Couple star Bill Klein is heading to Los Angeles, California! The father of two took to social media to share this big update with fans and revealed what’s in store. Why is he heading out west? Keep reading for the full update and see the new picture he shared too.

The Arnold-Klein family currently lives in the Boston area. Before that, they were living in Florida. If you follow Jen Arnold and Bill Klein on Instagram, you may know that they are often on the go, exploring new cities and making wonderful memories. Now, Bill is off on a trip to LA.

Bill Klein and Jen Arnold - Instagram - The Little Couple
Bill Klein and Jen Arnold – Instagram – The Little Couple

Why is The Little Couple star Bill Klein heading to Los Angeles?

On Instagram, Bill revealed that he’s headed to Los Angeles for Comedy Fantasy Camp. According to the camp’s website, this camp is run by Jay Leno and Adam Carolla. It’s described as an “immersive experience.” The site also notes, “Over the course of four days, you will learn techniques, tips, and get lessons on all different types and aspects of comedy from your comedic idols!”

It sounds like Bill has an exciting few days ahead! In the comments section of his post, fans are sharing their excitement. Many are encouraging him to have a good time, while one added, “I always thought you were funny!”

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Below, you can see his post announcing his next trip.

On her Instagram page on Wednesday afternoon, Jen Arnold, Bill’s wife, revealed that she’s heading to LA with him. She shared a photo of the two of them together while they were on the plane. In her post, the mom of two wrote, “LA, here we come! Excited to cheer @reallybillklein at @comedyfantasycamp this week. Excited to see him put his amazing sense of humor to use!”

Hopefully, Bill Klein and Jen Arnold have a safe trip out to Los Angeles! Be on the lookout for more updates as they soak up the sun together. Maybe they will share footage of Bill at his comedy camp. Fans would certainly love to hear his jokes. In a comment on Jen’s post, one The Little Couple fan said, “Good luck. Love you guys. I’m sure Bill will slay ‘em.”

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