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The Last Resort – How Does Kalani Faagata Keep Ruining Her Positive Image Every Week?

90 Day: The Last Resort’s Kalani Faagata isn’t trying to resolve her issues with Asuelu Pulaa. It appears that she is already done with her marriage.

  •  Kalani from 90 Day: The Last Resort is losing support due to her unapologetic actions, including sleeping with another man and forming an emotional bond.
  •  Kalani’s lack of effort to resolve her marital issues and her use of Asuelu’s cheating history to justify her actions have caused viewers to lose respect for her.
  •  Fans believe that Kalani is on the show for personal gain and to create drama, leading them to believe that she is not genuine in her intentions.

Kalani Faagata from 90 Day: The Last Resort is slowly becoming a villain due to her on-screen actions. The 35-year-old reality star was initially in a decent relationship with her Samoan husband, Asuleu Pulaa. The two had compatibility, were happy to become parents, and even purchased a home in Utah. Unfortunately, things changed when Asuelu visited Samoa and cheated on Kalani. The infidelity led to various marital problems between the two, leading them to the new therapy-oriented 90 Day Fiancé spin-off. During episode 1, Asuelu admitted to cheating on his wife and acknowledged his mistake.

Kalani won many fans over after Asuelu’s cheating scandal. She revealed how her husband cheated on her and gave her a hall pass to kiss another man to make things even. Asuelu thought that Kalani would never do it, as she had no prior experience and was a virgin before marriage. However, Kalani proved him wrong by taking the hall pass and getting frisky with a stranger. Not only did the mom of two kiss another man, but she also slept with him. She formed an emotional bond with the new man and stayed in touch.

Kalani Tries To Justify Her Choice of Sleeping With Hall Pass Guy

90 Day: The Last Resort's Kalani with Dallas in the background

Many fans were on Team Kalani when she revealed the real reasons for her relationship issues. However, the Orange County woman is slowly losing support and ruining her positive image with her actions. A big reason why people are now turning on Kalani is because she isn’t apologetic about her actions. She believes she did the right thing by using the hall pass and doesn’t care that she formed an emotional connection with another man. While Asuelu’s actions are unforgivable, he never contributed to emotional infidelity. He has shown a deep regret for cheating on Kalani.

Kalani Lies To Asuleu About Her “Homework”

All the couples have joined the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off to fix their relationship, undergo therapy, and follow expert advice. However, not all of them take the homework seriously, and Kalani is one of them. In a previous episode, Kalani and Asuelu did the sex and intimacy therapy, where the expert told them to explore themself through self-pleasing. While Asuelu followed the rules and tried to build a connection with his wife, Kalani did the opposite and used “home videos saved from her time with the hall pass guy” to get off. She even lied to Asuelu that she didn’t think of the other man while doing her homework.

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Kalani Makes No Effort To Resolve Marital Issues

Montage of 90 Day Fiancé's Kalani

As per a Reddit thread (via Standard-Kitty), Kalani has lost the respect of viewers because she hasn’t yet tried to save her marriage. She has created more drama and chaos and used Asuelu’s cheating history to justify her actions. Apart from having a revenge affair, she has come to the show to take more shots at Asuelu. Fans on social media believe Kalani is simply on 90 Day: The Last Resort star to make a buck. A Redditor feels Kalani is on the show to get a “vacation.” Others believe Kalani is “faking it,”


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