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The Family Chantel: What Happened In The Series Finale?

The Family Chantel Season 5 has been one of the most chaotic ones. It featured the devastating aftermath of Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s divorce. Hence, it offered unlimited drama and entertainment to the viewers. The estranged couple was featured confronting each other while they didn’t take a step back in accusing each other of various things.

Amid all this, TLC dropped a sneak peek of the finale episode, which added anticipation among the viewers. It marked the final confrontation between Chantel and Pedro, for which the fans have been waiting since the beginning of Season 5! The last episode ended up becoming the cherry on the cake as the audience still isn’t able to get over it.

The Family Chantel: What All Did The Final Episode Have To Offer?

Season 5 ended up blowing the minds of its viewers. The Family Chantel offered a completely new side of the stars, and fans are still processing everything that they watched throughout this edition. Apparently, this season was filled with several twists and turns, including drama and shocking confessions.

Amid all this, TLC recently dropped the final episode from Season 5, which was the cherry on the cake. It documented the end of Chantel and Pedro’s relationship. The former traveled all the way to The Dominican Republic with her brother, River Knight Everett, for a final confrontation.

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However, the confrontation was more of an explosive fight as Chantel accused Pedro of using her, and the latter wasn’t ready to accept any kind of allegations. Hence, they ended up not being on the same page, which was accompanied by tears and shattered dreams of their happily ever after.

The Family Chantel fans were in tears when they saw Chantel sitting on a street and crying her heart out. She screamed at the top of her lungs and called Pedro a “pathetic predator” and a “pathetic user” as well. However, when she stormed off, the latter was quick to state that he wants everything good for his ex-wife now.

Pedro wished Chantel all the luck for her future while this estranged couple didn’t even have a decent goodbye! With this, another fairytale ended because it couldn’t survive the test of time, leaving the viewers in tears.

The Family Chantel: Chantel Makes Her Come Back In The Reality TV Realm, Joins The Single Life Spinoff!

Chantel isn’t giving up on her love life. She has decided to move on from Pedro and is looking forward to finding someone new in her life. Hence, The Family Chantle celeb has joined 90 Day: The Single Life for their Season 4. Recently, the network dropped a sneak peek of the upcoming show, and viewers weren’t able to get enough of it.

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It is documenting Chantel, who is ready to mingle in her single life. She is showing off her sexy side and is taking away all the limelight. In the noted trailer, the celeb was featured flaunting her curves during a hot dance performance at a club.

Chantel seems to be unstoppable this time as she isn’t wearing any panties and is living her life as per her whims and fancies. During the show, she travels all the way to Greece and finds a muscular man with whom she takes a bike ride and locks her lips in the trailer.

So, it seems that the upcoming life of Chantel will be full of excitement and viewers aren’t able to control their eagerness now

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