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The Family Chantel Star Chantel Flaunts Powerful 2.0 Version After Divorce

The Family Chantel star Chantel was shattered during her divorce. She never expected that one day, she would have to part ways with the love of her life. The current season of the show features the aftermath of the most wholesome couple in the reality TV realm.

Initially, fans were really concerned about how Chantel would deal with her divorce. But now it seems that things have finally started to fall in her favor. Lately, she has decided to level up her game and has been flaunting her 2.0 version!

The Family Chantel: Chantel Flaunts New Version

Chantel has been trying her best to deal with her chaotic divorce during the current season. She is featured selling her dream house with Pedro, and the pain is evident in her eyes. But it appears that The Family Chantel celeb has finally gathered herself and has created a healthy life for herself.

Chantel never fails to update her viewers about her life on Instagram. Lately, she has been featured hanging out with her friends and going on nightouts as well. The celeb even went from getting a Range Rover to prosecco while success is finally on her cards now.

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Chantel has even got her dream job as a cosmetic injector and is living the best of her life. Recently, she even flaunted her new uniform and seemed to be really happy with her achievement. Amid all this, The Family Chantel fans were proud when the celeb shared a short clip of all her milestones after her divorce.

She captioned it, “Taking a moment to appreciate all the hard work and self-care.” It featured short snaps and clips of all of Chantel’s outings, behind-the-scenes from confessionals and Louis Vuitton shopping bags. Several viewers took to the comment section and praised her for the life she has created!

A user wrote, “Enjoy the luxuries of life.” Another one added, “I love how much love you have for yourself.” Someone further commented, “You will level up.”

The Family Chantel: Where Is Pedro These Days? What Is He Up To?

Chantel is evidently living a great life these days while she is busy flaunting her 2.0 version. So, The Family Chantel fans became curious to know what Pedro is up to these days and where he is living now. Apparently, he is from the Dominican Republic, but his ex-wife brought him to America.

But even after parting ways with Chantel, Pedro decided to stay in Georgia. He ended up selling his first house with the former back in March 2023. But the celeb soon ended up purchasing another one in Jefferson, Georgia. It is a ranch property with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, which cost him around $275K.

Pedro calls himself a “top agent” and is currently working for PJ Realtor Inc. He also has a tie-up with Laura Delgado Realty and LD Realty Group Inc. and often shares about his successful deals on Instagram. Hence, it seems that he has also moved on in his life and is in a completely new phase now.

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