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The Family Chantel: Pedro Starts A Fight With Mom Lidia’s Boyfriend [Intense]

The Family Chantel star Pedro is already dealing with the aftermath of his divorce from Chantel. They both had a dramatic split, which surely created a mess in their lives. But it seems that Pedro still has a lot to deal with besides his divorce.

Pedro has now decided to intervene in his mother’s relationship with Scott Wern. He has been keeping an eye on the latter and ended up finding out a shocking truth about him. Hence, Pedro couldn’t control his nerves and had a physical altercation with Scott! But why? What did he discover about Lidia’s boyfriend?

The Family Chantel: Pedro Takes Down Scott For Cheating On His Mother

Pedro and his sister Nicole have been skeptical about Scott Wern’s intention from the start. They weren’t sure if the latter came to their mother for all the right reasons or not. Moreover, The Family Chantel stars are evidently really possessive when it comes to their mother, as they don’t want her to deal with another heartbreak now.

So, Pedro kept an eye on Scott. On the other hand, Nicole even ended up sending a spy behind the latter to his hotel. This was to check how Wern behaved and if he was hiding something from the family or not. The noted spy did a great job and recorded Wern talking to several women and exchanging numbers with them.

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Pedro was already heated up because of this and lost his calm when Scott asked him not to take “cheap shots” during their martial arts practice. Wern was quick to wonder why the former was getting aggressive and asked him, “Are you here to kick my a**?” by getting in his face.

Scott even pushed Pedro, and the latter also didn’t take a step back. Soon, their fight escalated to the extent that others had to separate them. Their argument only came to an end after The Family Chantel star stormed out of the room while Wern stated that he planned to have sexual intimacy with his mother only out of spite!

The Family Chantel: Scott Wern Tried To Defend Himself! But How?

The Family Chantel star Scott Wern has already been in the headlines because of his associations with many women in the franchise. He has been the subject of endless controversies because of this. Amid all this, Nicole got a video of him exchanging numbers with random women.

90 day fiance

Hence, Pedro decided to confront him regarding the same. But it seems that Scott isn’t ready to accept his deeds. As per him, he didn’t do anything wrong. Wern tried to defend himself and explained that he had good intentions when it came to Lidia. The celeb made an excuse that he talks to everyone like that and he didn’t do anything intentionally.

So, it was clear that Scott didn’t accept any of the accusations put on him by Pedro. However, after all this, his relationship with Lidia couldn’t survive because of endless reasons. Their language gap became the biggest barrier, and soon, they realized that they weren’t made for each other and were better off without each other.

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