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The Family Chantel: Pedro Is Twisting The Knife? Making Things Deliberately Worse For Chantel?

The Family Chantel fans witnessed Pedro and Chantel’s chaotic divorce. They evidently started off as a wholesome couple but soon ended up parting ways. However, it seems that both of them are still hurting because of their split while they are making it worse for each other.

During the current season, fans have witnessed how Pedro has deliberately attempted to hurt Chantel. They felt that he was clearly twisting the knife and was perhaps enjoying watching the latter in a pathetic state! What is his problem? What does Pedro actually want?

The Family c: Pedro Is Making Things Worse For Chantel?

The Family Chantel fans have always been skeptical about Pedro’s intentions. They felt that he was clearly using Chantel for a green card and nothing else. Amid all this, the celeb ended up leaving her just after he got permanent residency in America. Hence, viewers were able to connect the dots while Pedro’s moves were proving their predictions right.

But even after achieving his goal, it is evident that Pedro is making things worse for Chantel. The latter is already in a devastating zone while he is adding agony to her fate. During the recent episodes of Season 5, viewers were left in tears because of Chantel’s pathetic state.

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One such instance was when Chantel and Pedro met for a discussion about selling their house. The latter expressed his relief at the fact that they were divorced. Moreover, he seemed to be simply interested in the profit. It appeared that Pedro didn’t have any emotions attached to the dream house that they bought together. But was simply concerned about the profit.

Soon after this, Pedro decided to meet Coriama and even posted pictures on social media. The latter had played a controversial part in their marriage, and the former knew how much Chantel disliked the latter. Yet he chose to flaunt snaps with her when he was well aware of the fact that his estranged wife would watch them.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Went On A Date With A Twin Of Chantel

The Family Chantel star Pedro is doing anything and everything to hurt Chantel. He has been living the best of his single life and is continuing to throw shade on the latter. Amid all this, the celeb believed that now he is ready to go on dates and explore new people. Hence, Pedro ended up going out with a woman who looked exactly like Chantel.

the family chantel

Pedro himself admitted that the first thought he had after watching his date was that she looked like Chantel. He even compared how his new beau was a bit “thinner” and taller” than his ex-wife. Fans felt that it would have been heartbreaking for Chantel to watch how Pedro was comparing him to his new date.

On the other hand, it was evident that Pedro was least bothered about Chantel’s current dating life. When he was asked about the rumors that a famous Canadian rapper approached the latter, he didn’t pay much heed to the news. The celeb further said that Chantel can go with Drake in a sarcastic tone.

These were the reasons why viewers felt that Pedro was doing everything to hurt his estranged wife and was clearly twisting the dagger.

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