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The Family Chantel: Pedro & Coraima Begin Dating! Chantel In Tears

Pedro and Chantel’s love story was not a smooth one. They were earlier 90 Day Fiance debutants who soon became main castmates of The Family Chantel. It looks like after five years since they tied the knot, they got a divorce. The final chapter of the season depicts the aftermath of their divorce.

In the new episodes, Pedro has been vocal about wanting to date other women. He even went as far as going out with a woman who looked exactly like his ex. Since then, the star has stooped low again. It’s because he became involved with a woman from his past, Coraima. Chantel already used to be skeptical about her long back from when she was married to Pedro.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Crosses A Line By Dating Coraima! Chantel Breaks Down

Things seem to get uglier and nastier on The Family Chantel. After butting heads about selling their house, Pedro and Chantel have found new ways to take each other down. The former has been documenting his return to the dating pool again. He went on a date with a woman who looked exactly like his ex.

Later on, Pedro decided it would be a good idea to reconnect with someone from her past, Coraima. For the unversed, the latter has appeared in the previous seasons of the show as Pedro’s sister Nicole’s friend. She openly admitted having feelings for Pedro, but he was married at the time. Together, Pedro and Coraima went out after his divorce and even clicked pictures.

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When Chantel got to see the posts on Pedro’s Instagram, she began to cry. She and almost every one of her supporters thought what a low blow it was. They began to slam Pedro for crossing a line for being with a woman Chantel was already skeptical about. Nicole had also said in the show that her brother had previously slept with her friend.

No matter how much she despised Chantel, Nicole was also against Pedro and Coraima dating. She had commented on the photo with vomit emojis. But as per the latest updates, Coraima doesn’t seem to be following The Family Chantel star or his sister. Fans may get to see their relationship blow apart in the coming episodes.

The Family Chantel: Karen Calls Out Pedro’s Cheap Tactics, Chantel Discloses His Erectile Dysfunction

When Chantel began to cry after seeing Pedro getting cozy with Coraima, her mother was with her. Karen was very sure that her ex-son-in-law would stoop to such ways to get back at his ex. Hence, she said, “I Knew it.” But at the same time, she was determined to teach Pedro a lesson and might have planned to get him deported from the US.

Apart from this, Chantel also couldn’t help himself and confronted her ex about Coraima. It happened when the couple was on a video call, talking about selling their house. The former asked Pedro what he was doing with the Dominican Republic girl. That’s when The Family Chantel star rudely told Chantel to mind her own business.

Chantel had had enough, and she got angry and called Pedro out for his “erectile dysfunction.” She mentioned in the confessional how the couple didn’t have sex for over a year because of it. At last, she reflected how it must have been erectile displacement and not dysfunction, as he couldn’t get it up just for her.

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