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The Family Chantel: Chantel’s Mom Is Trying To DEPORT Pedro — Wants To Teach Him A Lesson!

It just took six years for 90 Day Fiance stars Chantel and Pedro to go from one of the most promising couples to a chaotic one. During their last appearance, they declared their decision to part ways. The pair often butted heads.

So, viewers understood that they wouldn’t be able to last long. Amid all this, TLC recently dropped the first look of The Family Chantel Season 5, which raised many eyebrows.

Fans were in shock to know that the noted family was actually making attempts for Pedro’s deportation! Is this true? Will he have to go back to the Dominican Republic?

The Family Chantel: Chante’s Mother Wants To Teach Pedro A Lesson? Making Attempts To Send Him Back To DR

Like Chantel’s family, 90 Day Fiance fans have always been skeptical about Pedro’s intentions. They felt that he was simply using the American native to get to the USA. These rumors were further ignited when the celeb announced his split and was determined to file for a divorce from Chantel.

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Recently, TLC shared the trailer of The Family Chantel Season 5 on Instagram, revealing the chaotic dynamics taking place as the couple decides to divorce. It had Chantel’s mother admitting that she was devastated after watching her daughter suffer because of Pedro.

Karen stated, “I’ve had it up to here with seeing how hurt Chantel is.” She added that now she has to “protect” her daughter by any “means necessary.” The celeb decided to meet a “private investigator” because her son-in-law really hurt Chantel.

Hence, now The Family Chantel matriarch wants to teach him a lesson and doesn’t want him to just “walk away scot-free.” Karen further revealed that they had been “chasing” Pedro. In fact, they were trying their best to deport him back to DR.

It had been the case for over a year now. So, it is evident that Chantel’s family was determined to hold Pedro accountable for his deeds. So, they wanted to make him pay for it in the new The Family Chantel season.

The Family Chantel: The Most Awaited Season 5 Has Unlimited Drama & Entertainment

90 Day Fiance fans have been wondering about The Family Chantel Season 5 for a while now. They wanted to know all the reasons and issues that led to Pedro and Chantel’s infamous divorce. Recently, TLC revealed that the show was renewed and another edition was coming.

As per the sneak peek, the estranged couple’s families are still threatening each other. Pedro decided to hurt his ex-wife to the core by going on a date with Nicole’s best friend, Coraima. This was a shock for Chantel as the latter had created issues in her marriage earlier as well.

Hence, Chantel ended up bursting into tears and crying her heart out. On the other hand, Pedro got fed up with all the ongoing family drama. He stated, “The goal of the Family Chantel is to ruin my life in America.” But now it seems that he has had enough.

90 Day Fiance

The celeb concluded in the trailer, “F**k them. F**k all of them.” Amid all this, viewers were in shock when they saw Pedro having issues with Lidia’s boyfriend, Scott Wern. They even had a dramatic physical altercation and made it to the headlines.

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