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The Family Chantel: Chantel Confirms That Drake ACTUALLY Texted Her!

Chantel is now focusing on moving on from Pedro. The current season of The Family Chantel features the struggles that she has been facing these days. Amid all this, the celeb ended up getting surrounded by rumors that a famous Canadian rapper named Drake approached her after her divorce.

Initially, Chantel decided not to address these rumors. But recently, she finally cleared the air and confirmed the same. The celeb even made some shocking revelations and left the viewers in disbelief. What did Chantel reveal?

The Family Chantel: Chantel Confirms How A “Canadian Rapper” Slid Into Her DMS

Chantel rose to fame initially because of the 90 Day Fiance and then The Family Chantel. She became one of the most desirable women in the reality TV realm. Hence, it’s understandable that after her divorce, many eligible bachelors would have contacted her.

Amid all this, some speculations started to claim that famous rapper Drake was also one of them. Initially, viewers were skeptical about the same, but they were surprised to watch Chantel confirming the rumor. During a recent episode, she talked about how she got a lot of “attention” after she parted ways with Pedro.

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Chantel explained that there were some really great guys, including “actors, football players, baseball players” as well. She added that even a “famous Canadian rapper” showed interest in her. But at that time, nothing mattered to her. As per The Family Chantel star, she wasn’t “wasn’t emotionally available” at all.

Chantel stated that she had just come out of a full-fledged marriage of seven years, which meant a lot to her. Hence, her mindset wasn’t stable enough to be “receptive” to anyone. Though she didn’t directly take Drake’s name, she confirmed that a Canadian rapper had approached her in the past.

Hence, viewers were quick to connect the dots and concluded that Drake ended up slipping into Chantel’s DMs after her divorce. But as the latter explained, she wasn’t emotionally stable, so that they couldn’t end up together.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Reacts To Chantel And Drake’s Rumours

Pedro took a sigh of relief after parting ways with Chantel. Hence, he has been enjoying his single life and is evidently cherishing each and every moment of it. The Family Chantel celeb even decided to reconcile with his controversial friend, Coraima, and went on an outing with her.

Pedro even went on a date with an identical girl who looked exactly like Chantel. Amid all this, he was questioned if he knew about the latter’s rumors with Drake. The celeb was evidently knowing about it and ended up giving a cryptic reaction in reply.


Pedro stated, “I heard the rumor that Drake slipped into Chantel’s DM.” He added, “Go with Drake, the famous rapper, you know? Go with him.” He made it clear that he was least bothered about what his ex-wife was doing in her life.

But on the other hand, Chantel is definitely bothered because of Pedro’s whereabouts. She confronted him about meeting Coraima and posting a picture with her. However, Pedro is in no mood to give any explanations to her and simply brushes off her questions by saying that it’s none of her business.

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