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The Family Chantel: Chantel Changing Her Surname After Divorce?

Season 4 of The Family Chantel featured Chantel trying her best to hold on to her marriage. She badly wanted to make things work and was trying everything under the sun to save her bond. But the celeb failed, and the most promising couple decided to file for their divorce.

But Season 5 has changed the air completely. It is documenting the fearless side of Chantel, who is embracing her single life now. Amid all this, she has even decided to change her surname and take back his maiden name. Did she renounce Pedro’s name after her divorce?

The Family Chantel: Chantel Is Determined To Take Back Her Maiden Name!

The Family Chantel Season 5 is currently featuring Pedro and Chantel dealing with the aftermath of their chaotic divorce. It is evident that they don’t even share a civil bond now because of their messy split. After all this, it seems that Chantel is determined to wipe out everything related to Pedro from her life.

During a recent episode, Chantel talked about her plans to change her surname. She explained that it would be really “liberating” for her to get her old name back. The celeb feels that it is “burdensome” for a person to carry on with their estranged partner’s name even after their divorce.

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Chantel admitted that now she is trying to shake off the motion of being a divorced woman. As per her, every time she signs her name, she is reminded of the intense pain that she underwent during her split. Even Chantel’s mother, Karen, also revealed that she warned her daughter about taking Pedro’s name around seven years ago.

Karen further stated, “But what can I say? She was blinded by love.” Yet she was thankful that Chantel was now “taking a step forward” in her life. The Family Chantel side cast member further believed that renouncing Pedro’s name and taking her maiden name is a part of her daughter’s “healing” process.

The Family Chantel: Chantel Is Wiping Out All Traces Of Pedro From Her Life

Chantel has already decided to change her name and part her identity from Pedro. She is doing anything and everything under her power to move on and leave no traces of her marriage in her life now. The Family Chantel star even chose to move out from her shared house with her estranged husband.

Chantel even made it clear that she would now be selling her dream house that she bought with Pedro. She stated that the latter wouldn’t be the agent and they would hire a third party for the job. Pedro evidently didn’t like this idea and ended up butting heads with his ex-wife.

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However, Chantel was firm on the fact that everything had been pre-decided and they would go as per the legal documents only. After all this, it seems that she has finally created a life that she is loving. The celeb has got her dream job as a cosmetic injector and has been flaunting her 2.0 version on social media these days.

So, from changing her name to changing her address, Chantel has evidently left Pedro’s chapter way back in her life. Fans are indeed really glad to witness a happier version of her.

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