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Tammy’s New Full-Size Photo Taken By A Fan Reveals Her Actual Progress!

1000 Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is getting a lot of praise these days for her incredible weight loss progress and hard work. She has overcome numerous hurdles that came her way during her fitness journey. Her struggles and heartbreaks have been showcased in this TLC show besides celebrating her achievements and progress. The previous season featured her journey from almost 700 lbs to 334 lbs, in addition to her sister Amy Halterman’s fitness journey.


Tammy has accomplished her goals one after the other with utter dedication and sincerity. She now looks almost half her former size and is perhaps ready for her rumored job, that is, being a plus-size model. Read further to know more about her recent progress shared by a fan.


 1000 Lb Sisters: Fan Shares Tammy’s Latest Snap!

Tammy Slaton started her fitness journey with the goal to reach 550 Lbs. Reaching this target was indeed the most difficult phase of her life. Well, she had gained even more weight, and became addicted to junk food, vaping, and alcohol. She started walking on the path leading to her end but quickly realized that rehab was the only solution to save her. Soon after, she reached her goal and underwent life-changing Bariatric surgery. Ever since, she has been dedicated to her new lifestyle as she embarks on her well-being journey. During this time, the 1000 Lb Sisters star has sloped down from 714 lbs to 334 lbs. Tammy has shed an incredible amount of weight and has flaunted it mainly in her sit-down videos.

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Her recent uploads do not showcase her complete body transformation. Thus, the latest upload by one of her fans caught 1000 Lb Sisters viewers’ eyes. As per tvshowsace, this upload featured slimmed down Tammy with her fans. In this upload, she looked slimmer than ever. She looked like any other woman who was just fat and not suffering from morbid obesity. The Slaton sister had her red hair tied back while a few of her loose strands were enjoying the wind. This upload showed that most of her body weight has been shed from her chest and shoulders. Undoubtedly, the recent upload by a fan showcased a slimmer Tammy like never before.


1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Stuck To Her Fitness Journey!


Tammy Slaton lost her estranged husband a couple of months back. This made most of 1000 Lb Sisters fans concerned, for they feared that she might relapse. But she stayed focused on her well-being journey and continued to further reduce her weight. There have since been numerous occasions wherein she has shown off her progress through various social media uploads. Most of her uploads are close-up selfie videos that show merely her upper body.

The TLC starlet recently shared a couple of TikTok videos highlighting her jawline, which has never been spotted before. These were lip-syncing videos wherein she recorded herself being seated in her car. Her slimmer face caught her fans’ attention, who continued to praise her for her progress and dedication. Do you also admire Tammy Slaton for her immense hard work and consistency? Pen down in the comments.

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