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Tammy Slaton Reveals Why She Can’t Move On

Tammy Slaton has entered the baddie era after the death of Caleb Willingham. She is slowly healing after the loss of her late husband. The 1000 Lb Sisters celeb is loving her new self after a huge transformation. She has shifted all her attention to her weight loss. Tammy has officially reached half of her size at 334 lbs.

The TLC star has been busy these days celebrating her new figure. Previously, she had to buy 8XL clothes to fit in. But Tammy now fits in 2XL clothes. She has started interacting with fans regularly after gaining new confidence. Now it appears that she is ready to reveal the truth of why she can’t move on.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Makes Fans Burst Into Laughter On Revealing A Big Truth!

Tammy’s life was shaken after losing her estranged husband. However, she is determined to achieve her goals at all costs this time. Nowadays, she is turning heads with her unrecognizable look after her massive weight loss.

Plus, the TLC celeb has engaged herself in various social media activities. She started singing a lot and enjoying every bit of her life. She meets people, hangs out with them, and often plays fun-filled games with fans.

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Moreover, the 1000 Lb Sister celeb is confidently opening up about the biggest battles of her life. However, she likes keeping everything funny and light-hearted these days. Recently, Tammy uploaded a new TikTok video to share a big secret with fans.

1000 Lb Sisters
Tammy Slaton Tiktok

But the TLC star instead roasted her fans with the results. In it, Tammy was recording herself inside a car. She sported a grey denim jacket on a military print T-shirt. The fan-favorite 1000 Lb Sisters star complemented her look with a floral print bandana.

Tammy wanted to tease her fans with a funny game. She asked her followers “Why you can’t move on?” and gave several options. Interestingly, the answers ended with “Because you like Red flags,” as Tam Tam made a puppy face. Did you like the way she teased her followers?

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Is All Set To Have A Skin Surgery In Season 5?

Tammy Slaton has been sparking many rumors regarding her exit from the show. She has reached her goals and hopes to become a plus-size model soon. Hence, fans have been speculating about the future of the 1000 Lb Sisters franchise.

Previously, she revealed that the upcoming season will be a Part 2 for Season 4. Hence, the fate of Season 5 is still unknown. According to TheSun, we can expect the cast to start filming for Season 5 soon. Also, some insiders revealed that next season will be focusing on Tammy’s skin removal surgery.

1000 Lb Sisters
Tammy Slaton Tiktok

Fortunately, Tammy has shed a lot of weight in the past few months. Now she had to get rid of the extra skin from her body. Previously, some experts highlighted that she needed the surgery and it was very expensive. Now fans are eager to know if TLC will step up to pay the bills.

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