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Tammy Slaton Drops 6 Sizes!! Reveals New Clothing Size [SHOCKING]

Tammy Slaton from 1000 Lb Sisters rose to fame after debuting in this TLC show in 2020. The show documents her and her sister, Amy Slaton’s weight loss journey and struggles. Undoubtedly, both the Slaton sisters did amazingly well in their fitness journey. But Tammy Slaton raised the bars higher after her incredible transformation. She weighed over 700 lbs at the beginning of her weight loss journey and was recently reported to be weighing around 340 lbs. Tam Tam recently shared her reduced clothing size in one of her latest social media uploads. Read further to know more!

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Talks About Her Dropped Dress Size!

Tammy Slaton took another opportunity to stun her fans! She often shows off her progress and slimming physique in her sit-down or close-up social media uploads. Until recently, she shared a compilation video on her social media that featured her full-body mirror selfies captured in a luxurious bathroom. Tam Tam showed the peace sign to the camera while flaunting her slimmed-down physique in this TikTok upload. The 1000 Lb Sisters star donned a black t-shirt layered with a loose-fitted denim shirt and purple tartan joggers. She even added white sneakers, several rings, and a black colored sunflower neckband to complete her look.

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Slaton added the song She Fine by LAVL to this compilation upload. In the post, she revealed that her clothing size has reduced from 8XL to 2XL over her transformation journey. This upload amassed a lot of love and appreciation from fans, both as likes and comments. One of 1000 Lb Sisters fans called Tammy’s transformation ‘freaking awesome.’ Another social media user expressed amazement by calling her beautiful. While several others expressed their love and surprise in the comments with the help of red heart and fire emojis.

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1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton’s Progress!

1000 Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has come a long way! She had come across several highs and lows during her journey, which included the incident where she stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital. She was then put on a ventilator, followed by being placed in a medically induced coma. After the recovery, Tammy returned to rehab and made all the necessary efforts to get her life back on track. This was the turning point when she prioritized her health and well-being. However, Tammy was placed on oxygen support for quite some time to help her breathe after her lungs were damaged. But she has finally ditched both her oxygen and walking support after being consistent with her new lifestyle.


Additionally, her body weight has sloped down from 717 lbs (51 stone) during the beginning of the show to nearly 340 lbs (24.3 stone). She now looks almost half her former size and, thus, misses no opportunity to flaunt her weight loss transformation. What do you think of Tammy’s progress? Are you also amazed by her sheer dedication and consistency? Sound off in the comment section below.

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