‘SW’ Christine Brown Enjoys Exciting First With David Woolley

Christine Brown of TLC’s Sister Wives took to Instagram a few hours ago with a thrilling update. She was enjoying an exciting new first with her husband, David Woolley. While fans suspect this wasn’t her first time enjoying this particular activity, it may have been her first time ever bringing a husband along for the ride. Likewise, it was definitely her first time doing it as the wife of David Woolley.

Christine Brown Enjoys Exciting First With David Woolley

Christine Brown of TLC’s Sister Wives was all smiles as she snapped a photo of herself with David Woolley and one of her loved ones. They appeared to be standing in line as they waited for a store to open. There was a dusting of snow in the background and it appeared as if it might be actively snowing.

In the caption, Christine shared she was Black Friday shopping with her husband David for the very first time. The giant smile on her face indicated she couldn’t be more thrilled. Unfortunately, her post did not clearly indicate what store she was shopping at or what she was shopping for.

Check out the photo she shared on her Instagram profile below:

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Sister Wives Fans React

One Sister Wives fan admitted it was a bit silly to be excited over such a simple post. They, however, knew something as simple as going Christmas shopping on Black Friday was something Christine likely never did with Kody Brown. So, it was a huge deal that David Woolley would get up and go on this venture with Christine.

Unfortunately, Christine did get some backlash from fans who pointed out that they were protesting Black Friday this year because everything was too expensive. Other fans, however, defended Christine saying she should spend her money however she wants to.

  • “OK I think things like this make me even more excited for her than the big things like traveling and the wedding, which are amazing, but it’s these little things… Going to freaking Costco! With someone who loves you! These are the things that really make life just better and richer and more fun and I think Christine has never really had this and she deserves it just as much as anyone and I am so so so glad she has it! Happy shopping!”
  • “People still wait in lines to go Black Friday shopping?”
  • “Bestie I love you but we are boycotting Black Friday! Thrift day instead?”
  • “Ok I am not a line person so I have to know what’s at the end of this huge line!”

Do you think Kody Brown ever went Black Friday shopping with Christine or any of his other wives? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, let us know if you did any Black Friday shopping today.

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