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Statler Wants Brandan & Mary ‘Cancelled’ From 90 Day Fiancé (What Triggered Her?)

90 Day Fiancé star Statler Riley is asking her fellow cast members and fans to cancel controversial couple Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay.

  • Statler Riley claims that Brandan and Mary from 90 Day Fiancé were fired for revealing too much personal information online.
  •  Statler is calling for the cancellation of Brandan and Mary due to alleged animal abuse, specifically their chaining of a monkey outside their house in the Philippines.
  •  Statler believes that Brandan and Mary are morally bankrupt and willing to do anything for money, describing them as “really bad con artists.”

Statler got her happily ever after with Dempsey. The couple dealt with a rough patch when Statler surprised Dempsey by telling her about her plans to move to the UK. The women also disagreed on whether they would have a baby in the future. Regardless, Statler and Dempsey were a drama-free couple, unlike their counterparts Brandan and Mary. Mary and Brandan have stayed in the spotlight due to their fast pregnancy, which came only three months after Brandan’s arrival in the Philippines. However, now, it’s for a different reason that Brandan and Mary have created controversy.

Statler Claimed Mary & Brandan Were Fired In August 2023

Montage of 90 Day Fiance's Mary and Brandan with pink background

Statler Wants Brandan & Mary ‘Canceled’ For Animal Abuse

More recently, Reddit user austinstoy spotted a chained monkey in several videos posted by Mary and Brandan on their social media. The viewer shared screenshots of a video titled, “A NORMAL DAY,” that Mary posted on October 21, 2023. It showed Mary feeding a banana to the monkey she referred to as her “pet.” The animal appeared to be chained to a tree branch outside Mary and Brandan’s house in the Philippines. Statler came across the news about Brandan and Mary’s chained pet. She reposted a photo of the monkey on her Instagram story alongside a picture of the couple.

90 Day Fiancé Fans Support Statler

Ironically statler was ALSO the whistleblower in regards to them violating their NDA. Statler has a vendetta against these two,” u/lexi4020 said about Statler under the Reddit thread. However, other fans told the commentator that Statler simply wanted to help the helpless by getting the wild animal rescued. “I mean, I agree with her. What they’re doing to that poor monkey is abuse,” wrote Princessss88. Per Starcasm, Brandan and Mary supposedly freed the monkey on October 29, 2023. However, the video they posted documenting the release also had a link to their PayPal account.

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