90 Day Fiance

Star Angela Deem Gets In Physical Fight With Woman at New York City Hotel

The altercation happened at a New York City hotel.

Angela Deem got into a physical altercation. In a video obtained by The Sun, the 90 Day Fiancé star can be seen arguing with a woman, who the outlet identified as her friend, Jennifer Dilandro.

The outlet reports that the women’s fight began as an argument inside their cab and escalated into a physical altercation when they arrived at their New York City hotel in the early morning hours of Aug. 2.

The video shows the women fighting in the hotel lobby, as Jennifer repeatedly screams, “Get the f**k off of me!” At one point, Angela appears to pull Jennifer’s hair while leaning over her.

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Hotel employees tried the break the women apart throughout the altercation.

The New York City Police eventually arrived to the scene and questioned both women, according to the outlet. One video shows Angela telling officers, “I didn’t do s**t.”

Because Angela started bleeding during the altercation an ambulance was called to the scene, but no one was taken to the hospital, the outlet reports.

“Yes we got a 911 call at 1:31 a.m. at the address you provided. There were two females possibly fighting. They were friends,” a public information officer at the NYPD tells the outlet. “Both individuals refused to give information to police. No one was arrested. Both refused medical attention.”

Angela has yet to speak out about the situation, but Jennifer did so in a statement to the outlet.

“Angela and myself hold a close bond. Due to unfortunate events, things got heated. No one hit each other — it was more pushes and shoves. It looks worse on video than what it was,” Jennifer says. “The blood came from my jewelry scratching her and it made her bleed because she’s on medication that makes her bleed easily. We have since discussed and cleared our friendship.”

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