So Sad????! Tori Roloff Drops Shocking Bombshell News | It Will Shock You ????

Every time Zach and Tori Roloff post a photo or video of their son Jackson, the hearts of TLC’s Little People, Big World fans break a little more. Tori Roloff just treated her followers to a new video and photo of Jackson on her Instagram Stories recently. And, the fresh content has LPBW fans sadder than ever before.

Why are fans so worried about Jackson? Scroll down to see what Tori posted.

Jackson Roloff from Tori's Instagram

Tori Roloff Shows Off Her Son

Tori Roloff shared a photo and a video of her son Jackson taking center stage. Standing in front of a group of kids near the middle of the stage, he sang his heart out in front of a huge audience.

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The proud mother noted that Jackson stood in front of the audience and “sang like a champ.” Tori noted that both she and Zach were very proud of Jackson. She knew that this was far from his favorite activity. Nor was it something he even really wanted to do. So, she appreciated him committing to it anyway.

Jackson Roloff in hospital bed following leg surgery in November 2021.
Jackson Roloff in a hospital bed following leg surgery in November 2021.

Little People Big World Fans So Sad For Jackson Roloff

The video and the photo she shared made LPBW fans extremely sad. As they looked Jackson Roloff up and down, they realized his legs were looking more bowed than ever before. Jackson appeared to be standing on the side of one of his feet because his legs were too bowed for him to get them both flat on the ground.

TLC fans could only imagine how much it hurt Jackson to stand in front of a crowd and focus on singing while his legs were as bowed as they were. Some fans questioned if the expression on his face was because he was in pain.

Jackson Roloff - Instagram
Jackson Roloff – Instagram

Fans Beg Tori And Zach Roloff To Help Him

With every photo and video the couple shares, fans beg Tori and Zach Roloff to help their son. As fans know, Jackson Roloff did get surgery that was supposed to help with his legs bowing. The surgery was intended to help slowly over time as he continued to grow.

Tori Roloff explained it was the least invasive option. It, however, would not physically show immediate results. As Jackson’s legs continue to get worse, fans beg the couple to take him back to the doctor for a second opinion.

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