SisterWives The shocking revelation: Why was David previously spending so much money to impress Janelle? Fans are buzzing about it.

Popular Sister Wives star Christine Brown took a massive step of renouncing her marriage with Kody and moving on with David Woolley.

Recently she introduced her newfound love to the world and has been gushing over her man since then.

Though viewers were really happy for the celeb, many became skeptical about her “fast-track” romance.

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Hence, several reports started to claim that perhaps all the Browns weren’t happy with Christine’s decision. But now it seems that David is trying his best to win over their hearts with his resources. Several fans pointed out the possibility of Woolley trying to impress his fiancee’s loved ones with his money.

Sister Wives: Is David Trying To Win Over Christine’s Family With His Money?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown announced her exclusive relationship with David Woolley in February. Since then, she hasn’t stopped praising her new beau and often writes lengthy captions while she gushes over him on Instagram. Amid all this, viewers have noticed that David has apparently spent a lot in impressing the TLC celeb and her family. Starting from Christine, her new boyfriend, never hesitated to take her on lavish dates. They are often featured holding each other’s hands and walking into super expensive restaurants for meals.

David also opted for a 2.5 carats engagement ring for Christine, which was estimated to be $70,000. That’s not all. Well, the couple ended up buying their dream house worth $770,000. But fans feel that David’s goal is not just to impress Christine. Probably he wants to become the Browns’ favorite! Hence, he has been making efforts to win over everyone. Starting from the TLC star’s youngest daughter, Truely. Woolley often takes her on his adventures as well. He took Ysabel and the teenager to Disneyland for a super expensive vacation, too. They also went to “Club 33”, which is a really costly place and would have even cost them a fortune!

Sister Wives: Is David Trying To Impress Janelle For Her Approval?

Several reports claimed in the past that Janelle wasn’t happy with Christine and David Woolley’s relationship. Apparently, she is an old-school person and allegedly didn’t believe that moving on and introducing an “exclusive” boyfriend was a good idea after a divorce. Hence, many sources reported that the Sister Wives had an estranged bond because Janelle was not approving of David. But it seems that Woolley has been successful in impressing her as well. After months of speculation, Janelle, David, and Christine went out for an outing together.

They went exploring Moab National Park in Utah and RZR riding. RZR riding would also have cost a lot! The trio was even accompanied by Janelle’s daughter Savannah as well. It was evident that they had a great time as all were featured, grinning at the camera and looking happy. This incident finally restated all the feuding rumors, as Janelle has reconciled with Christine and David. Evidently, David can afford to impress the Browns with his money. As per the reports, he is a professional architect with a company of his own, David Woolley Drywall. Several sources even claimed his net worth is possibly around $ 1.2 million!

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